Thursday, September 15, 2011

Love Vs Like

Many people think that Love is an advance level of Like.
Many guys like to tease and say that "I don't like you. I love you." like it's a good thing.

But I think that Love & Like are two very different things.

Love, is the feeling for someone, the immense care, without necessarily a reason.
Like, is being fond of a person's traits.

It is possible for a person to love someone while disliking her. For example, she might be a nasty girl but he still feels strongly about her (maybe because she is his wife or daughter) although he dislikes/disagrees with her character and not necessarily like her as a person.

It is also possible for a person to love someone while liking her. In this case, he loves her while also admiring her personality and likes her as a person. This is the perfect situation.

Always find a man who feels a strong liking for your character and not just a whirlwind-romance-fastheartbeat-exciting-love-without-any-reason because I think that love without enough substance to hold it together may fade over time. If he likes you and your qualities, the love would be stronger and less likely to vanish easily.

Just my opinion, because I've seen many men who love but resents their wife. What do you think?

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