Thursday, September 8, 2011

2nd anniversary date :)

Celebrated our 2nd year anniversary some weeks back. Don't really have much to say, so let the pictures do the talking! :)

We decided to have dozo because at that time we were super broke (as usual, and even more broke than usual...)

The food was still good but I'm quite disappointed by their overall service and ambience this time. I liked dozo when i visited them twice in the past, because of their good service and lovely ambience. However, this is the first time SX dined there and it wasn't as impressive :(

For dinner time, we had considered taking the cable car from mount faber to sentosa, but it was over our budget, so we decided on having seafood instead!

White pepper crab, my fave! We went to the restaurant called "Crab Party". We went there with his friends before we got together.

Steam fish cos I was craving for it.

We went to sing after that.

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