Monday, May 31, 2010

Coffee, Tea or Me? Erm, Mineral water please.

Ever since I started working, I began to adopt an unhealthy lifestyle.

Although I drink more mineral water than I do in the past while I was lazing around at home, I also drank many other unhealthy drinks like canned sweet green tea and coffee.

There is this cafe opposite my workplace and it doesn't help that my colleagues are all coffee-drinkers so whenever they go out to buy coffee, they would ask if I want a cup as well.

I'm not a coffee drinker by nature. I would rather stick to plain water than anything else. I don't like gassy drinks like coke/sprite/etc, unless I'm at a buffet place and they only have soft drinks. When I'm in restaurants I usually choose to drink mineral water. When I'm at a foodcourt or buying from a vending machine, I'll get drinks like crysanthemum, green tea, ice lemon tea. It's still unhealthy but better than gassy soda.

If you want to be thinner, one of the tips is to cut off junk food and soda from your food diet altogether. When I was younger I loved junk food and gassy drinks but as I grew older I start to dislike eating all those stuff and I became significantly thinner than before! My sister, on the other hand, loves all this sweet drinks and junk food and she did put on weight, so I think this logic is true. I still eat fried/oily/fast food though. I don't intend to cut them out and make myself miserable.

I've been using this BioEssence Inchloss product for almost a week already. The reason why I tried it is because I think that although I look fairly petite to some people, I also look huge to petite people! I think that I'm of average built, which actually helps to make me look smaller than I really am but actually I'm full of flabs! Doesn't help that I'm fair, which also makes me look even more "ruan".

Since I'm just a couple of inches off from my desired measurements, and since I've already tried to the most extent that I can to stay slim, this product came in to help at the right time since I'm really not into exercising and cutting off certain unhealthy food from my diet.

Huan Zhu Ge Ge.

Anyone of you remember this drama series?

Huan Zhu Ge Ge.

The popular drama that rose RubyLin and ZhaoWei to fame.

The first series was TWELVE years ago! How fast time had past, that time I was only Primary 2 but now I've already graduated from poly!

I remembered we used to have these stickers vending machine, where you slot in a coin and then the sticker will come out. I have lots of their stickers cos mummy would buy them for me and my sis.

Me and my sis also made the princess "hats" using cardboards and drew floral designs on them. We also attached a "chain" at the sides of the hat to replicate their red strings. Haha. And then we would hold an handkerchief while imitating them.

Such boliao kids we are. Don't laugh at us, there weren't computers and internet to use at that time what!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Half naked men prancing around with fire

When I was notified about our first outing with the rest of the Ybloggist finalist, I had no idea what to expect.

The only person I knew personally among all of them was Cynthia, who I had seeked help from for my team's FYP. Even so, I wasn't on friendship-terms with her yet as the only relationship between us had always been business-wise.

The two other people are Joanna and Hongpeng. I met both of them at various nuffnang events before and Hongpeng was one of the invited readers at my Pizzahut lunch gathering. Despite this, I don't remember holding a proper conversation with them before.

And so, it was as good as saying I don't know anyone there.

It didn't help that I could not attend the briefing held in the afternoon due to work purposes. This could mean that the others could have already made friends with each other and I would be the odd one out :(

But all my worries were uncalled for. The bunch were really fun and friendly and I felt easy around them.

The night started off with a bang, by a performance of half naked men prancing around onstage and hollering while we feasted on our dinner. Sounds good doesn't it. Haha.

I felt that the tribal theme fits perfectly with our location for the night - which is none other than: Night Safari.

Tell you something don't laugh okay, I lived in Singapore for 20 years already, first time go there!


The hottest part of the show was the fire playing part. They swung the fire sticks around dangerously and because I was seated so close to the stage, I couldn't help but cover my face instinctively. I was so afraid that they would accidently let go of the stick and send it flying in my direction! But being skilled in their art, the nearest the fire could get to me was only the heat.

My yummy chicken burger from Bongo Burger! I was glad that we had fork and knife to chomp them. I definitely wasn't ready to get my unglam pics of nomming the big burger up on the other finalist's blog!

Look at how tall this Charlene is. She's much prettier in real life! *envies*

Joanna and me were both wearing rompers that day. So mafan everytime use toilet need to fully undress one!!!

On the way to the tram. (I think. Maybe this picture is on the way out one then I paisei. lol)

As we weren't allowed to use flashmode in the tram, it was nearly impossible to take a good pictures of the many animals we saw in there. Can you guess what animal this is?

I would pick tram ride over walking on the pathways cos I'm lazy like that. Haha, but if you want to see the full range of animals in Night Safari, I recommend walking + tramming.

Picture with Hongpeng.



And two of the judges, Carrie Yeo and Diya!
I shy *^_^*

That's not all, because I also videoed down a footage with the Aiptek Pocket DV H220 HD that IKNOW sponsored.

The quality of the dv is not fully utilised in this video cos of the insufficient source of lighting. I took this DV out on my day at Sentosa yesterday, and it was crisp sharp! Show you all the video next time. What I liked best about this DV was that it's as tiny as my palm!

More info about the DV:
1280 x 720 (720P) HD high definition video resolution up to 30fps
Multi Functions: Digital Camcorder, Digital Still Camera, Voice Recorder, Mass storage,PC Cam
2.4” High quality LCD Display with 90∘rotation
Up to 16 mega-pixels still pictures

The Aiptek Pocket DV H220 HD will be sold at $249 (org price @ $339) at the upcoming World Book Fair (28 May - 6 June 2010), held at Suntec Singapore.

After reading my entry, I would also like to ask a favour from all of you to vote for me at

Each vote counts. Help fufil my dream to go for a little holiday! I'll be giving out some of the other prizes to my lovely readers too.

Thanks much!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I felt that Sex&theCity2 was better than the first movie.

The first movie seems to be centered around Carrie's big day. This sequel covered more topics, and also showed how in some countries, woman are still being forbidden to speak out their views and stand up for themselves, and the big cultural difference.

It's was ironic to the girls that in such a conservative country like Abu Dhabi, the men expect their wives to be covered up fully and loosely (cannot be tight fitting), but allow for nightclubs which they frequent, where women are allowed to dress so much lesser cloth. I'm not a feminist and I don't want to nit-pick the equality between genders, but I don't think it's right for a man to decide and have control over a woman, just because he is a man.

Just watch the movie. The girls almost said all that I wanted to say.

Anyway did I also mentioned before that I'm a googler? I google almost anything!! I was thinking about the movie, and so I went to google about Abu Dhabi, from there I got curious about almost everything from the veils to neighbouring countries around there, to the plot of Sex&theCity TV series. lol and soon, I had several googled pages on my tabs. Guess the bookworm in me when I was young did not leave me afterall. Although I seldom read 'real' books now, I read lots of wiki articles.

Even being kinda nerdy in a way cos I like reading, I'm still as vain as any other un-nerdy girl. And so I took up the Bio Essence Inchloss experience;

In the previous feature I wrote about the areas I'm targeting. Today, I'm going to tell you all how it feels. First, use the showergel like soap over targetted areas while bathing. Wipe away with towel before rinsing (especially at the tummy area), if not will get into the genital area and I'm sure you do not want that. You will know why later.

After rinsing off, you start to feel abit of heating sensation. It shows that the cells are put to work already! (and ya, this is also the reason why you wouldn't want it to enter down there)After bathing and drying myself, I put the bodycream on targetted areas. At first it felt cooling, but after awhile the heating sensation comes again, and will go off after afew hours.

Besides the tingling feel of the heat under my skin, I particularly liked the fragrance of the cream too!

Friday, May 28, 2010


I attended Sex & the city premiere a couple of days ago with Raine and I have lots to say.

When I was watching the movie, I felt so envious of them. Not because of their money, husbands, looks, whatever. It was because they had something which I feel that I don't have, a bunch of girlfriends who will be there for you no matter what, who will accept you for whatever you are.

*spoilers ahead*

1) When Carrie kissed Aiden, she ran back into the suite to find all her girlfriends and she said she needed all of them. All of them, including Samantha who was in the bathtub applying face mask, put down whatever they were doing just to listen to her talk! Where can I find friends like that?

2) During the part when Carrie said her passport was missing, I could imagine it happening it to me and it wont be the same as how it turned out for her.

For her:
All of them are rushing to the airport to catch their flight.
Carrie found out her passport is missing and remembered she left it at the shoe stall in the market. She asked if Miranda could accompany her. Miranda said "Of course I would!", and so did the rest of the girls she didn't asked. Isn't that how friends are supposed to be?

For me, it'll turn out like this:
My girlfriends would most probably say: "orh then you go back take lor we go to the airport first"
maybe if i insisted, they would come along but i'd be sure to hear reluctance and grumbles "why you never check your passport earlier. If i can't catch the plane you are gonna pay for my next one."

It really did turn out like that for me most of the time.

You know how they say: "At times of down, the people who are there for you are your true friends."

Really? I beg to differ.

When I'm down, anyone can help even if they aren't true friends.
Let me put a scenario:

Me and my friends are holidaying and we are not rushing anywhere to catch the plane or any other plans. I'm sure they would offer to accompany me to retrieve my missing passport. It's like, "it wont hurt to help a friend since I have nothing to do anyway".


If we all are rushing for our planes, it'll be a totally different matter. Cos to the friend, if she helps me, she's gonna risk her own plane. To her, her plane is more important than a friend. That's when you see whether someone is true to you or not - when she puts her own convenience before you. There are exceptions that I can understand though, like if she's very poor and cannot afford another plane ticket/her grandma had an heart attack and she needs to be there asap/etc. If this was the case, I'd never allow her to go with me.

It's like 'Rich man gives poor man = generous' , but it doesnt prove anything.
'Poor man gives poor man = truly generous' Apply it on everything else in your life.

Oh another example is voting contests.
I recently got into this:, and I'm quite warmed in the heart by some friends who helped to plug it in their twitter.

From this contest, I learnt something. Most friend would help to vote if it's just pressing a button, because it doesn't hurt and it wont take much time. But when people find out they have to register and log in just to vote (aka inconvenience+waste time), they stop trying to vote. Most of my readers and friends are like that :( Why. I always vote for my friends when they ask me to, no matter how long the registration part takes.

I wonder if there is anyone out there who would go out of their way to help. I've only met a small number, and I'm always pleasantly touched when they do that.

I don't know how many of you here understand what I'm saying above. I just want to say I don't think true friends should be calculative with each other and should accept each other for whoever they are. It's not easy you know, cos I haven't really found anyone like that before. Perhaps even myself, as much as I'm trying, is unable to follow what I preach.

Honestly, I myself won't go to extremes just to comfort any friend who fell out of love - I can be on the phone with her, but I don't think I would immediately take a day off from work, buy chocolates and comfort her at her house, although I think it'd be nice if someone did that for me. Or maybe because I haven't found my clique for me to want to do that to. I'm always envious when I see other friends doing all this for their best friend.

When will people start being unconditional in giving? I am not, although I really wish that I could be.

Another thing is, I don't understand why friends would have misunderstandings with each other. If you had known her for so many years, could a single incident make you judge her and overthrow the good impression you had of her totally?

Perhaps people have different perceptions of friendships. And I'm trying to accept that, as much as I want them to accept me for what kind of girl I am.

I have friends to have fun with me.
But I don't have any to share my unhappiness with.

I don't think anyone would feel a difference even if I left.


update: im sorry if u r a friend and u r hurt by this entry. It wasn't intended to be a spiteful one. Of cos i know there are some friends who had been very nice to me n i appreciate every little small gestures. It was just unfortunate that we didnt end up very close, thus i dun feel like i have a clique to go through every single thing with. This is my blog, thus a true record of my feelings.

update2: I just didn't know how I could put what I want to say into words ok. You people are all reading my intentions wrong and taking a stab at where I'm most down. I don't know how to explain what I had meant already. People who knows will know, and people who dont, will never know.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Inch by Inch.

My first experience with BioEssence Inchloss! I wrote about it some entries back and I'm going to write about the first time I used it.

I'll show you all the measurements some other time. Kinda paisei now cos my numbers are not very nice T_T Wait till I slimmer already then tell you all. Heh.

The areas I'm targetting is my upper thigh, lower thigh, arms and tummy!

I used to have a flat tummy but after knowing SX it became bigger I don't know why!!!! Lol. My arms are also kinda flabby and fat according to my proportions. My butt is like my most prominent feature... it's so huge!! I wish my butt could be alot smaller. And because my butt is big, the thighs are also fat - doesn't look nice when I'm wearing short skirts!

Boohoo. Hope BioEssence Inchloss would solve my problem!

In the next BioEssence feature I'll let you know how it feels after applying the cream!

WEEKLY GIVEAWAY #5 - Facemasks & Bracelet

This section will be on weekly, but there is no definite day for this every week so you just have to be here everyday to check out the entries!

The idea popped out while I was thinking what to do with all the brand new sponsored stuffs and vouchers I get all the time from companies, because sometimes there are multiple repeated products or sometimes I get a makeup piece which is of obvious dark shade that I can't use! Thus instead of leaving them untouched, I decided maybe I can share it with the readers, by holding a weekly giveaway for those who come back to read daily - thus the impromptu timing of each giveaway!

Okay, so this thing works via commenting.

At the start of the entry, I would show a picture of the Giveaway (usually something I myself recommend), afew points about it, and then if you like it, you comment for it!

I'll state at the end of the entry whether the 1st, 15th, 25th, or even 70th commentor will receive the item. Sometimes if there are two items to giveaway, I'll state 2 positions, for example, 3rd and 9th comment.

Sounds great?

5th Week!
This week, the game is kinda different.
It would involve your twitter account.

Have you voted for me?

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This cute bracelet given to me by Millywalker!

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Status: Closed.
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DM-ed the winners!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The one magical toolset to flawless makeup

I talked about Beautysplash's new brush sets a month ago and I received it in my hands already!

The cool glossy clutch I'm holding in the picture above is the Black Deluxe Reptile Set that has 15 brushes in total.

I never knew why we need so many different makeup brushes until I received it! I went to research about makeup brushes in other websites and now I'll share some of these information with you! You can read part 1 of the brush info here: LINK

This is a chart i found from google to help you identify what brush is for what use:

There is also the eyebrow comb in the set as well.

If you use these brushes correctly, you could be on your way to a perfectly madeup flawless face!

They also have another brush set that has 22 pieces!!!! Go check it out here:

For other items like gel eyeliner (also recommended by winnie), eyeshadow palettes, cheap lashes, Bourjois products, eco brushes, etc, can visit directly.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My new pink bow!!!

These are all sold out :(

So chio right!
That's why you should join Milly Walker's mailing list before pretty things get sold out before we see them. First time customer joining their mailing list will get $3.00 discount for regular items.

Milly Walker is back from their sourcing trip and have brought back the latest trends from Japan and Korea. You will be thrilled to find out their up coming collections. Expect to see sweet flocks, lace, polka dots, pearls, denim and many designer inspired accessories.

One of them is this sweet pink dress! My colleagues complimented it!

I paired it with this light pink polka bow. LOVE IT TO THE MAX.

It's so easy to wear, just clip on!

Millywalker has it in several other colours as well.

For every $40 spent on their new collection, you will receive a free hand-made bracelet (very limited pcs, while stock last).

I received the black one super chio.

I also got this light blue dress with a pink sash as belt and a pretty pink bow at the back!!

To see the back, head over to now!


This is a scheduled post so while you are reading this I'm now attending Sex&theCity gala premiere!!!!! omg let you babes know how the show is soon! Follow me on Twitter: I MIGHT be posting updates about it! MIGHT only ah. Maybe will forget. Lol.


I was listening to songs on youtube when I stumbled upon this video of the first time Jay Chou met Jolin Tsai on the Jacky Wu guess-show.

Most of the comments went like "wah jolin look so different in the past...", "must be got do surgery", "Where got possible look like that last time then so chio now!"...

Then someone commented:


Monday, May 24, 2010

Protect your beloved mum, sis and bestfriend from this.

A short note before I start my entry:
I'm one of the finalists at Omy's Ybloggist contest 2010 and I need your help! Do help to vote for me once a day ok!!!
Get your family and friends to help vote too! Thanks! If I win I will be giving out some of the prizes to my readers and also you can see me blog about Hongkong!!!!! I've never sat on a plane before T_T

The voters also stand to win one of the following:
Garmin ASUS M10 smart phone.
10 x Fabrix Laptop Cases (Worth $60 each)
Villa Nalinnadda, Koh Samui (1 prize)
Sunda Resort Krabi (2 prizes)

I just received these 3 products from Bio Essence, and I'm going to try it out for a period of 14 days. I'll try to record down my measurements very alternate days, and also tell you how the product feels.

I'm very excited about it because I've been flabbier these days. I look okay in the pics but actually I have alot of flabs all around! When you all see the measurements you all will know.

I attended an event last week with many other female bloggers invited too like:
Valerie, Nadia, Sabrina, Peggy Heng, Peggy Chang, Sheylara, Xiaxue, Jessica, Velda, Jacelyn, Pris, Estee, Fay, Arissa, and still got some more sorry if I forget to add you in!

I brought my sis along and we cabbed over to Dempsey with Nadia.

Let me talk about the fun stuff first.
When we reached there, we took Polaroids and pasted them on a "tree" board. Then we branch our picture out to the people we want to protect.

Then we sit down to have our caricatures drawn. The artist drew my hair with two hands!

The artist and my picture :D

He also helped me to make a cut-out of my side profile! He made me prettier than I was supposed to be! :D

Me and my sis haha. Check out the thick eyelashes he drawn for me!

Here are some pictures taken at the event:

Magic Babe Ning also did some magic tricks.

The event was about cervical cancer.
I had some knowledge about it before the event, as my mum did mention about it to me before. However, I still learnt alot about it at the event.

Do you know?
Unlike other cancers, cervical cancer is the ONLY cancer that can be prevented, and fully cured. Yet, it remains on the list of the Top 10 cancer killers of women in Singapore. (how sad is this??!)

It is not only found in older woman - it can happen to young ladies too.

Cervical cancer can be prevented by going for regular pap smear testing. Women can also get vaccinated against it. There are two vaccines for this that are available in Singapore, with one of them providing proven protection for 4 to 6 years. Vaccination is highly recommended for all ladies, and works best before you start being sexually active, so this applies to most of my readers who are still young.

Yadda yadda. All this are just facts that we can read from brochures, but since when do we get triggered by non-living things such as brochures??

Then it dawned on me that I, as a blogger, could reach out to so many girls out there reading my blog. I can educate them the way a brochure cannot.

And you, have the power too. You have the power of influence over people who love you. Your mum, grandmother, sister, best friend. You alone might not be able to reach to thousands, but you doing your own little part and show your love to them by transferring this little meaningful knowledge to the people you love is good enough. If they love you, you can move them more than a brochure can too.

I'm not going to put the disgusting pictures up, because everyone should know that any kind of cancer is scary.

Some of the girl bloggers are heading to do their pap smear and vaccination. You should too.

Power over Cervical Cancer.
Help protect all women.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Which one would you choose?

I just bought a new wallet!
It's pink with gold buckle and sides.

The size, colour and design was everything that I had been looking for. But now I'm faced with a dilemma cos before I found this new wallet, I had already fell deep in love with my current wallet. (wahlaos machiam like relationship scenario sia. lol)


What do you think? The floral one is my current wallet. It's too big as my ideal size but I like the design. The new one is tiny and perfect in size, but it seems too plain as compared to the floral one right?

Which one should I use first! Which one you like more?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Affordable place for dinner dates :)

It was a belated Mother Day's Celebration for mum.

Instead of buying gold and handbags for her, which she always request for on special occasions, I decided to make it a little different this year. I think she has too many bags liao, cannot feed her addiction or else if she got no more space in her already-very-big-and-very-full wardrobe, she'll come occupy MY already-very-small-and-very-full wardrobe. Tsk.

My 2nd time at Dozo.

These crispy sticks are for us to munch on while waiting for the food. Looks like a table piece deco instead!

And some mango ice to wash our stomachs. It's really refreshing.

My favourite dish has to be the chef's seasonal assorted platter, which came first. 3 different tasting portion on a long platter.
We were guided to eat the scallop first. I loved the scallop!!!

Next was foie gras. This tasted like sweet sauce.

And this, the salmon was unbelievably good. I was giving the "OMGITISSUPERNICE" face to mum. hahaha.

For appetizer, mum tried the
Gratinated escargots topped with yuzu butter.
I also tried a bite! First time in my life i tasted a snail!

I had the safer option, which is Foie gras chawanmushi topped with black truffle slice.

Their recommended soup was:
Infusion of cepes mushroom and truffle. It's thick and creamy, the way I like it.

I had the Crab bisque. Good too. But I think half the cup was foam, cos I was taking pics of mum's mushroom soup and when I wanted to take pics of my own soup, mum exclaimed "how come left half only?!" Eerie. Lol.

Baked Atlantic cod fillet on puff pastry.
I had this as my main course. I like the rice and the taste of the fish but it was abit too tough.

Beef tenderloin on 'pu-ye' & granite hot stone.
Mum says that this is the best beef chop she has ever had.

Iced mallow apple melody.

Iced fruity refresher. I really liked the teapot! There are also little cubes of fruits inside.

Freshly baked warm chocolate cake served with icecream. I cannot stop loving chocolate lava cakes.

French cream cheese cake. It was just like how both of us liked it to be, creamy and rich in cheese.

Ending off with a picture of me and mum!

Valley Point Shopping Centre
491 River Valley Road #02-02/03
Singapore 248371
(65) 6838 6966