Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I cannot justify paying $28 on cab fare to go to work.

Especially when:

- The timing difference is only a mere 10 - 15 minutes. If it's like 30 mins difference at least we can comfort ourselves say we paid $28 to sleep 30 minutes more mah!

- When I'm forced to take a cab cos I woke up 15 minutes late. 15 mins make such a big difference to my wallet T_T (It's alot different when I wake up at the correct timing and purposely go back to sleep cos in this case I felt the "nua-somemore" time so got abit more worth it but if I wake up 15 minutes late I have to jump out of bed in shock and totally no "nua-somemore" time to enjoy lor! I think you don't understand what I'm talking about -.-)

When I used to work in Orchard, the cabfare was only $15, and I'm okay with taking cab to work everyday cos I have the perception that cabfare below $25 is cheap, and above that would be expensive. (furthermore, if I took bus and mrt to orchard from home it would take me 1 hour more than a cab ride so the amount paid is very worth it cos I get another hour of sleep!) Although $28 is just a mere $3 more than $25, but it feels like $30 instead of $twentyplus don't you think so? My rubbish mindset. Lol.

So today I was kinda pissed off with myself cos I overslept 15 minutes again and I had to take the cab to work again. The uncle quite nice though, I was coughing and he offered me some vicks candy which were quite effective in stopping my cough for awhile!

I wish they would build a direct highway from pasir ris to tanjong pagar so that my cabfare can be shorten to hopefully less than $10 and just 15 minutes journey time? If that is the case I'll take cab to work everyday and I can sleep more!

Eh, this highway will be very useful for all east people who work in hundreds of office buildings near shenton way leh!

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