Sunday, May 30, 2010

Half naked men prancing around with fire

When I was notified about our first outing with the rest of the Ybloggist finalist, I had no idea what to expect.

The only person I knew personally among all of them was Cynthia, who I had seeked help from for my team's FYP. Even so, I wasn't on friendship-terms with her yet as the only relationship between us had always been business-wise.

The two other people are Joanna and Hongpeng. I met both of them at various nuffnang events before and Hongpeng was one of the invited readers at my Pizzahut lunch gathering. Despite this, I don't remember holding a proper conversation with them before.

And so, it was as good as saying I don't know anyone there.

It didn't help that I could not attend the briefing held in the afternoon due to work purposes. This could mean that the others could have already made friends with each other and I would be the odd one out :(

But all my worries were uncalled for. The bunch were really fun and friendly and I felt easy around them.

The night started off with a bang, by a performance of half naked men prancing around onstage and hollering while we feasted on our dinner. Sounds good doesn't it. Haha.

I felt that the tribal theme fits perfectly with our location for the night - which is none other than: Night Safari.

Tell you something don't laugh okay, I lived in Singapore for 20 years already, first time go there!


The hottest part of the show was the fire playing part. They swung the fire sticks around dangerously and because I was seated so close to the stage, I couldn't help but cover my face instinctively. I was so afraid that they would accidently let go of the stick and send it flying in my direction! But being skilled in their art, the nearest the fire could get to me was only the heat.

My yummy chicken burger from Bongo Burger! I was glad that we had fork and knife to chomp them. I definitely wasn't ready to get my unglam pics of nomming the big burger up on the other finalist's blog!

Look at how tall this Charlene is. She's much prettier in real life! *envies*

Joanna and me were both wearing rompers that day. So mafan everytime use toilet need to fully undress one!!!

On the way to the tram. (I think. Maybe this picture is on the way out one then I paisei. lol)

As we weren't allowed to use flashmode in the tram, it was nearly impossible to take a good pictures of the many animals we saw in there. Can you guess what animal this is?

I would pick tram ride over walking on the pathways cos I'm lazy like that. Haha, but if you want to see the full range of animals in Night Safari, I recommend walking + tramming.

Picture with Hongpeng.



And two of the judges, Carrie Yeo and Diya!
I shy *^_^*

That's not all, because I also videoed down a footage with the Aiptek Pocket DV H220 HD that IKNOW sponsored.

The quality of the dv is not fully utilised in this video cos of the insufficient source of lighting. I took this DV out on my day at Sentosa yesterday, and it was crisp sharp! Show you all the video next time. What I liked best about this DV was that it's as tiny as my palm!

More info about the DV:
1280 x 720 (720P) HD high definition video resolution up to 30fps
Multi Functions: Digital Camcorder, Digital Still Camera, Voice Recorder, Mass storage,PC Cam
2.4” High quality LCD Display with 90∘rotation
Up to 16 mega-pixels still pictures

The Aiptek Pocket DV H220 HD will be sold at $249 (org price @ $339) at the upcoming World Book Fair (28 May - 6 June 2010), held at Suntec Singapore.

After reading my entry, I would also like to ask a favour from all of you to vote for me at

Each vote counts. Help fufil my dream to go for a little holiday! I'll be giving out some of the other prizes to my lovely readers too.

Thanks much!

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