Monday, May 31, 2010

Coffee, Tea or Me? Erm, Mineral water please.

Ever since I started working, I began to adopt an unhealthy lifestyle.

Although I drink more mineral water than I do in the past while I was lazing around at home, I also drank many other unhealthy drinks like canned sweet green tea and coffee.

There is this cafe opposite my workplace and it doesn't help that my colleagues are all coffee-drinkers so whenever they go out to buy coffee, they would ask if I want a cup as well.

I'm not a coffee drinker by nature. I would rather stick to plain water than anything else. I don't like gassy drinks like coke/sprite/etc, unless I'm at a buffet place and they only have soft drinks. When I'm in restaurants I usually choose to drink mineral water. When I'm at a foodcourt or buying from a vending machine, I'll get drinks like crysanthemum, green tea, ice lemon tea. It's still unhealthy but better than gassy soda.

If you want to be thinner, one of the tips is to cut off junk food and soda from your food diet altogether. When I was younger I loved junk food and gassy drinks but as I grew older I start to dislike eating all those stuff and I became significantly thinner than before! My sister, on the other hand, loves all this sweet drinks and junk food and she did put on weight, so I think this logic is true. I still eat fried/oily/fast food though. I don't intend to cut them out and make myself miserable.

I've been using this BioEssence Inchloss product for almost a week already. The reason why I tried it is because I think that although I look fairly petite to some people, I also look huge to petite people! I think that I'm of average built, which actually helps to make me look smaller than I really am but actually I'm full of flabs! Doesn't help that I'm fair, which also makes me look even more "ruan".

Since I'm just a couple of inches off from my desired measurements, and since I've already tried to the most extent that I can to stay slim, this product came in to help at the right time since I'm really not into exercising and cutting off certain unhealthy food from my diet.

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