Monday, May 17, 2010

Black Black Eyes!

SX always used the words "Black Black" to describe my eyes, because of my usually dark eyeliner and shadow.

But technically, if you really observed enough, it has been quite some time since my eye is actually black. I've been using colour contacts ever since 2008 I think, after two batches of expensive clear contacts. Something about colour contacts and it being iris-enlarging is that once you start on it, you would never go back to clear contacts again - except perhaps for eye-health reasons.

I've never liked how my natural eyes look. They are so small and I don't really liked that the colour is neither black nor brown. That is one of the reasons why I stopped wearing clear contacts too. However, I've been seriously contemplating on whether to start on clear lenses again because wearing coloured lens to often is bad for the eyes.

The invite to the IlluminateSG event came just at the right time!

As I work near Eileen (same building omg why so qiao one), the agency booked a cab for me and her to cab down to Dempsey road together. I met her at other events before but *oops* I didn't remember her when Belinda mentioned her name. So embarrassing that she remembered me and I don't! It was till I saw her in person waiting at my office lobby, then my memory recovered.

The event was held at SEEN. I heard about this place before on a magazine!

It is nothing like normal optical shops. It's not clear in this picture but the spectacles were displayed like cakes in a cafe!

We were immediately brought over to this cool machine. Eileen tried it first!
1) Take a photo of yourself straight on using the machine,
2) Adjust the eyes outlines
3) Choose the different freshlook colours!

Here's my results on screen showing the illuminate lens!

We were having so much fun mingling around when the short presentation started. The freshlook representative told us more about the Illuminate. She told us that the black circle lens is different from others, cos this one is more natural as it blends into our own eye colour. This way, if you have light brown eyes, it would not look weird when you wear it (imagine one small light brown circle and then suddenly one black outline). They also have the technology to protect the print from your eyes.

Then Larry Yeo, famous fashion makeup artist talked about Laneigh.

Followed by a demo.

Time for my eye test!! (this is me without any contact lens)

Eileen go first again!

Us with humongous specs!

Nadia! I like how she looks in this hairstyle! Love the colour too!

I realised that I've always been wearing the wrong degree of contact lens after the eye test! It was supposed to be -6.0 but i keep buying -4.5! Lol. The optometrist slided in the new illuminate lens into my eyes in split seconds. Woah would be so convenient to have an expert to put in and take out my lens everyday. Hee.

I headed to have some bites, and then makeup by Larry Yeo!

Instead of piling on the eyeliner, he gave me more brown and gold shades of eyeshadow. He also taught me how to conceal my eye wrinkles more effectively. This is my eyes after wearing the lens and new makeup. I have to say the lenses really looked natural. You like it?

Eileen, Jacelyn, Me, Sabrina, Nadia, Evonne.

Me, Nadia, Belinda and Jacelyn.

By the end of the night, most of the girls were prancing around in black shiny eyes. Hee. They also gave me 10days worth of the illuminate, so I think I'll be prancing around in black shiny eyes for a little longer! :D

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