Sunday, May 16, 2010


I didn't blog about any of my nuffnang cheques before this, so I decided to do it today! (usually immediately after i receive it I would drop it into the bank, where got time to take pics!)

I received last month's cheque from Raine afew days ago. Of course exact amount is confidential! The amount is not high enough to haolian about luh haha. I still have 3 more cheques from last month that I havent collected :) *happily waiting for it*

You are asking "How come so many cheques in a month?!" Well, I'm so impatient that whenever I log into my nuffnang account and I see money that can be cashed out, I'll immediately cash out. I don't usually wait for it to add up, cos I prefer to receive money every month instead of "saving" it. Hehehe. Thus, because I cash out quite a number of times a month (some for advertorials some for banner ads some for attending events), I sometimes receive afew cheques together. Lol.

I urged my sis to join them just a week ago too. Besides monetary perks, they also hold attractive contests and movie premieres quite regularly. Join nuffnang if you havent!

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