Thursday, May 13, 2010

WEEKLY GIVEAWAY #3 - Teeth Whitening Pack

This section will be on weekly, but there is no definite day for this every week so you just have to be here everyday to check out the entries!

The idea popped out while I was thinking what to do with all the brand new sponsored stuffs and vouchers I get all the time from companies, because sometimes there are multiple repeated products or sometimes I get a makeup piece which is of obvious dark shade that I can't use! Thus instead of leaving them untouched, I decided maybe I can share it with the readers, by holding a weekly giveaway for those who come back to read daily - thus the impromptu timing of each giveaway!

Okay, so this thing works via commenting.

At the start of the entry, I would show a picture of the Giveaway (usually something I myself recommend), afew points about it, and then if you like it, you comment for it!

I'll state at the end of the entry whether the 1st, 15th, 25th, or even 70th commentor will receive the item. Sometimes if there are two items to giveaway, I'll state 2 positions, for example, 3rd and 9th comment.

Sounds great?

It's the 3rd week already!

Last week, I gave out two pieces of dresses for two winners. This week, we have sponsoring the giveaway :)

They have slimming/beauty products, some instocks and some preorders. I find the items in there very interesting! There are face/thigh slimming equipments, there are facial creams, mirrors, and just about anything related to beauty!

There is this particular thing called "manicure protector" I think is a good idea for people like me who always ruin my manicure when it's half wet half dry!

Some of the items I've not seen before on the shelves of Singapore retail stores but it seems like they are quite popular in Taiwan, and also featured on their beauty shows.

I got this nose clipper for myself. Lol.

It's retailing for only $4.90! I was quite skeptical about it at first but after using it I THINK GOT RESULTS LEH!!! Maybe a year later my huge nose will become tiny like LinChiLing's :D:D

Anyway the item I'm giving out today is not the nose clip! I beckon most of you readers have nicer nose than me (T_T) so you don't need it.

But I know all of you want nice teeth!
Japan Cogit Celebrity Magic Tooth Whitening Want.

1 box contains 25sticks. Made of specially processed mirco fibre which are very effective in removing(abosorbing) ugly stains from our teeth. Each stick is made from 270000 micromised
fibre pressed into 4.5mm small. Can be used everyday.

To get it, comment below with your
Any entries without any one of the three above would be disqualified! I will edit away your email address upon moderation.

12th commentor gets it!

Good luck!

I won't be revealing all the comments until the next day so that you cannot count your position :D

Results would be out the next day, and you don't have to pay for anything! I'll even pay for the postage fee! (Winners will be notified on my blog the next day and I'll also email the winner, so do leave a correct email!)

You can also check out the other items on:

Sponsors interested to be part of this can email me at (Fees included)

Status: CLOSED

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