Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A series of pictures which made my feet sore.

The Road Series.

#1. Dress from HanaSecret
#2 & #3. Top and skirt from AlmostFamous
Photography: Jayden

My face wasn't looking good in the shots above, but I liked the overall feel of these pics.

Except for #2 which was shot at the side of the road, pictures 1 & 3 were taken dangerously in the middle of the road.

Fabian brought us to shoot at this road because it was usually empty, but on that day it seems like it was never empty for at least 5 minutes.

And this was the reason why I had a sore foot the next day. I had to walk into the middle of the road with Jayden, snap snap around 3 pics, before running back to the pathway trying to balance with the tall heels when we hear Fabian say "cars coming!" There was one time when Fabian only started shouting it when a lorry was mere metres away from making me and Jayden flat. I guess he was distracted by something and totally forgot about us. Haha. But luckily, from then on his warnings came earlier.

This procedure repeated again and again for quite some time and can you imagine me sitting down on the floor (pic #1), snap 2-3 shots, then try clumsily to stand up and run back to the pathway within the shortest time possible? Unglam much.

Although I had a difficult time walking the next day, I felt that it was worth it. I had never taken such pictures in the middle of the road before. Seriously, who would sit in the middle of a road with oncoming traffic just for a picture?

So... which is your favourite?

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