Saturday, May 29, 2010

I felt that Sex&theCity2 was better than the first movie.

The first movie seems to be centered around Carrie's big day. This sequel covered more topics, and also showed how in some countries, woman are still being forbidden to speak out their views and stand up for themselves, and the big cultural difference.

It's was ironic to the girls that in such a conservative country like Abu Dhabi, the men expect their wives to be covered up fully and loosely (cannot be tight fitting), but allow for nightclubs which they frequent, where women are allowed to dress so much lesser cloth. I'm not a feminist and I don't want to nit-pick the equality between genders, but I don't think it's right for a man to decide and have control over a woman, just because he is a man.

Just watch the movie. The girls almost said all that I wanted to say.

Anyway did I also mentioned before that I'm a googler? I google almost anything!! I was thinking about the movie, and so I went to google about Abu Dhabi, from there I got curious about almost everything from the veils to neighbouring countries around there, to the plot of Sex&theCity TV series. lol and soon, I had several googled pages on my tabs. Guess the bookworm in me when I was young did not leave me afterall. Although I seldom read 'real' books now, I read lots of wiki articles.

Even being kinda nerdy in a way cos I like reading, I'm still as vain as any other un-nerdy girl. And so I took up the Bio Essence Inchloss experience;

In the previous feature I wrote about the areas I'm targeting. Today, I'm going to tell you all how it feels. First, use the showergel like soap over targetted areas while bathing. Wipe away with towel before rinsing (especially at the tummy area), if not will get into the genital area and I'm sure you do not want that. You will know why later.

After rinsing off, you start to feel abit of heating sensation. It shows that the cells are put to work already! (and ya, this is also the reason why you wouldn't want it to enter down there)After bathing and drying myself, I put the bodycream on targetted areas. At first it felt cooling, but after awhile the heating sensation comes again, and will go off after afew hours.

Besides the tingling feel of the heat under my skin, I particularly liked the fragrance of the cream too!

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