Thursday, May 27, 2010

Inch by Inch.

My first experience with BioEssence Inchloss! I wrote about it some entries back and I'm going to write about the first time I used it.

I'll show you all the measurements some other time. Kinda paisei now cos my numbers are not very nice T_T Wait till I slimmer already then tell you all. Heh.

The areas I'm targetting is my upper thigh, lower thigh, arms and tummy!

I used to have a flat tummy but after knowing SX it became bigger I don't know why!!!! Lol. My arms are also kinda flabby and fat according to my proportions. My butt is like my most prominent feature... it's so huge!! I wish my butt could be alot smaller. And because my butt is big, the thighs are also fat - doesn't look nice when I'm wearing short skirts!

Boohoo. Hope BioEssence Inchloss would solve my problem!

In the next BioEssence feature I'll let you know how it feels after applying the cream!

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