Friday, May 14, 2010

Winner for weekly giveaway #3, is...

I've already emailed her :)

Some people obviously don't read my words. I wrote "state your fave colour" but so many people didn't write an answer for it! Disqualified! For future giveaways, I'll also be asking questions!

haha. From the results, i think pink is the most popular colour. No wonder you all reading my blog. lol.

Remember Bibi?

My mum's so cute, she tucked Bibi's shirt into her panties. LOL. And somehow it reminds me of how she tucked my shirt in all the time when I was a kid and how high up my shorts were. The high-waist shorts weren't even in trend then!!

Some of my other favourite soft toys. Each of them has their own cuteness & character! I choose one of them to play with on different days according to my mood, although Bobo gets the most hugs & kisses from me. Which one you think cutest?!

(for me, I give my soft toys characters so usually the one i find cutest just happens to have the cutest character, not necessary that they look cuter physically)

Some people like kids. Some people like animals. I like cute soft toys. Lol. I don't feel bored even if I had to play with them for an hour!

Here's 2 rare pictures of me with SX. I'm usually without makeup with him, so I seldom take pictures. This time got makeup jiu faster take pics!

I saw this kids vcd on sale that day. The synopsis was super descriptive. Lol. Read can liao no need watch already.

Don't you think it feels like it was written by a primary one kid?

I was browsing through my archives and found this old song. Do you remember this song? Love the first part. I'm not a teenager anymore :(

Short Advert:

Go mad with shopping!

This is the first time I'm blogging for this blogshop. I really like how neat the whole site seems to be, with the pictures all being large in size. It gives me a really fresh feeling.

They have updated with a new collection, so do check it out.

The 2 pieces I got from the previous collection.

I'm in love with rompers recently. This one is also from them too!

They also have a referral system for discounts!

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