Wednesday, June 30, 2010


For as long as I could remember, we always celebrated Mother's Day and Father's Day. However, I don't know why they didn't celebrate Children's Day for us in return. *Angries*

I remember when me and sis were still little kids, we bought pens/fancy sharpeners/useless stationaries from the school bookshop and drew little cards as presents to our parents on special occasions.

We grew up a little and when our pocket money expanded, we were also expected to chip in more for presents. Usually it would be handbags for mum and gadgets for dad.

Thankfully, this year Dad didn't have any expensive wish list for us. *phew*

Thus, I decided to bring the whole family out for dinner! Since Dad loves buffet more than expensive upmarket western restaurants, we decided to bring him to an eat-all-you-can restaurant at Park Royal Hotel!

While waiting for cab!
(If you are interested in this dress, let me know at! I'm selling it for $26 inclusive of normal postage, worn only once! The dress was featured on Vivi magazine July2010 as well. Clearer picture here. I had a hard time deciding whether to sell it off or not cos I actually quite like it!)

I was super hungry in the cab! Finally we reached Park Royal Hotel on Kitchener road!

The restaurant is on the 3rd floor, called Hai Xiang.

Mum and Dad :D

The restaurant was not very crowded and not very noisy. Guess it's because we were seated in a corner. Plenty of space around our table too, thus not squeezy at all.

The is the menu, where you can order your stuffs. It's just like a usual restaurant, just that instead of paying for each item, you pay a fixed $ and get to eat as much as you can.

There are six items which can only be ordered once. The rest you can order until you full :D:D

This one is Deep Fried oysters with spicy plum sauce. I didn't try it cos I don't like oysters.

Deep fried soon hock in superior sauce. The fish was fresh and the sauce was yummy. The only problem is that soonhocks have too many small bones, it was quite difficult to eat.

Wok baked tiger prawns with special sauce. This one is quite nice!

Sauteed scallops with baby kailan in X.O. sauce. Good.

Braised baby abalone with fresh mushrooms. I liked this one too.

Braised shark's fin with fish maw and conpoy. I had no idea what is conpoy, but the soup wasn't very yummy. Actually I've not experienced any good shark fin soup for quite long already (except for the $2 one I ate at food expo not long ago). The standard's getting poorer.

This is the Fresh prawn salad, but I didn't like it. It tasted more like normal bland prawns kept in refrigerators. However, the fruits at the bottom was quite refreshing.

Century egg and preserved young ginger. Till now, I have no idea why people like to eat century eggs. It's disgusting!

Drunken chicken. Not as good as Din Tai Fung~!

Deep fried pig intestine. It was crunchy and yummy at first taste but when the intestine taste gets to you, it can feel quite yucky. I thought it was peking duck skin at first. Lol.

Mini japanese octopus. I didn't know what it was at first and I gave my share to dad because it looks really too dubious. LUCKILY i didn't eat it cos I don't dare to eat japanese octopus!

Mixed roasted meat. I felt this dish was quite nice. Chicken and duck.

This was the seafood soup. Would be nice if I wasn't already sick of soups (cos of the sharkfin soup I drank earlier)

Taiwanese SanBei Chicken. Got not much recall of it. Nothing fantastic.

The Baked pork ribs in coffee sauce with almond flakes was good, but just have a piece cos the meat is tough.

The sweet and sour pork was good! Just the right taste and the meat was fried perfectly.

Deep fried beancurd with pork floss. This was not bad. Can order again.

Braised broccoli with crabmeat. I dont eat broccoli, so this dish was up to my parents to finish.

Steamed red tilapia with soya bean crumbs. My father says tilapia only cost $2 at wet markets for the whole fish!!! Anyway, this was the worst fish I've ever ate. I ate fried tilapia at Crystal Jade before and it was yummy but the one here was bitter and had a muddy taste! Hate the peanut garnished on top as well, made the meat taste even worse. Who puts peanuts on FISHES????

We had the Roasted cripsy spring chicken. Was good!

Braised Pork Knuckle. Not nice one, don't order.

Crispy silver fish. I personally don't really find anything nice about silver fishes.

This was the Poached chinese spinach with 3 kinds of eggs. The service staff placed the wrong dish on our table (actually happened a lot of times that night), but I took a shot anyway, before my mum asked her to take it away.

Wok baked king prawns with superior soya sauce. This was very good!

Deep fried pork belly. It was so fatty that I didn't feel like having another one after a piece. It was not fried enough.

Stir fried slice fish with ginger and spring onion. Was a bit too bland but passable.

Crispy soft shell crab with salt and pepper. Was crispy and hot when served.

This were the red bean pancakes for dessert. Surprisingly good!

Then I had 3 types of desserts. Lol. Mango Sago Pomelo, Mango Pudding (which wasn't nice), and Longan with almond beancurd (I only ate the longan. I dont like almond beancurd! Hate it when wedding dinners serve it.)

Was so full that I couldn't sleep properly that night though I was really very sleepy!

Total bill was around $195.
(Lucky sis and mum help me chip in abit!)

Overall, none of the dishes wowed me over, but they are all averagely passable. If I were to go again, it would be because I really liked the idea of having a buffet without having to self-service.

Note: Only friday, saturday, sunday have the eat-all-you-can. The rest of the days is pay according to ala-carte items like normal restaurants.

World Cup Fever.

Saw this in the last page of 8days. Funny.


He discovers that you've been having an affairs with his wife, and vows to hantam you "sometime after July 11th".

Okay. Please vote for me at
cos last day liao. I think no chance to go hongkong liao but still, cannot give up till the end!! Thanks for voting!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Double Eyelids

How to get double eyelids if you are born single eyelid like me.

1. Fake eyelashes
This method is relatively easy once you know how to stick on fake lashes quick. I had single eyelids all my life, but I started achieving nice double eyelids when I started sticking eyelashes on my eye. Putting your eyelash the correct way will push the lids to create a crease. However, for me my line is kinda uneven on both eyes sometimes, thus it is very difficult for me to draw equal eyemakeup on both sides. Thus, sometimes you see me looking fine from an angle, and then from another angle I look like I have one big eye one small eye. *sad*

And when you remove the lashes, the crease would fade off usually within an hour or two.

2. Double eyelid stickers
Some people claim that if you stick them all the time, sooner or later you will get permanent double eyelids. However, I find the process of sticking it cumbersome. I could never stick it on properly to create equal creases, nor hide it with makeup.

3. Lack of sleep

Me: Recently I grew double eyelids leh. Don't know if it's cos I never sleep enough or...
*Belinda interrupts*
"It IS cos you never sleep enough -.-"


4. Eyelid glue
There's a particular kind of glue that if you apply it, it'll create double eyelids. Saw it from some youtube videos.

5. Plastic surgery

I was seriously considering it, seeing how many so many people have gone under surgery for it, and it seems so easy!

However, I reconsidered upon reading this:
"Many people have undergone eyelid surgery, with very few complications reported. However, eyelid surgery is still a very delicate procedure; one mistake could cost one’s vision."

Fwah I very suay one leh better not take the risk. *coward*

6. Grow old

Mum used to be single eyelid all her life but in recent years she suddenly developed pretty looking double eyelids.

Anyway, while googling about double eyelids, I saw a link which was "How to get rid of double eyelids". Why would anyone want to have single eyelids when they are blessed with double??

Sigh, it's so unfair that guys can look desirable with single eyelids but girls usually look better with double eyelids and it makes makeup so much easier!

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Monday, June 28, 2010


First up, do take a look at the several sale items I'm having on my CLEARANCE page, cos I bought too many new dresses this month :) some of the items are brand new, all below $20 :)

* * * * *
After the Olympus event, Elise and me were so hungry because we didn't have lunch! William and Hongpeng joined us for lunch at Akashi Japanese restaurant at B2 :)

I don't understand what's so nice about these beans! Just the part about popping them out can make my hair stand already.

The udon was not very nice. Sigh so difficult to find nice udon nowadays!

My tamago and salmon sushi! The rice very small size then the topping very big. Lol.

Chawanmushi~ Probably the best part of my meal.

I should have ate the sets that the others ate! Cheaper and more filling!

Soft focus effect on the camera! Like ghost here but nevermind cos I die die want put a picture of me with my sushi. Haha.

After our late lunch I went over to find Isaac and we had teabreak at Pacific coffee company!

Isaac's chocolate drink was good! Forgot what it is called already. My Berry Frenzy was abit too sweet. Told ya all I don't like sweet drinks. I would go for ice water over anything else any day.

(Anyway I read somewhere that just by cutting off one can of soda from your diet each day, you lose 5KG per year! ((I haven't tried to prove the 'lose 5KGs part but my sister proved that she gained 5KG a year cos she kept stealing coke and soft drinks from our fridge. No wonder my mother never scold her, cos she know that she will get her own bao-ying one. Lol.)) And, a cup of bubbletea per day is more fattening than a can of soda each day. I experimented it myself months back and it's true!!!!)

Anyway I really think that karma exists. Last time when I was younger and super overweight, my sis was as thin as a stick. When I look back on our old videos I cannot believe that skinny girl is her. That time she keep laughing at me say I fat. So now "feng shui lun liu zhuan", become opposite liao. And I have to admit that I keep laughing at her now *evil*, and I have a feeling that afew years later I'll be fat and she'll be skinny again. And the cycle goes on.

I'm not really that bad lah, I tease her for fun only cos I know she always very pissed off when I laugh her. But in my heart I still think that she's very pretty *secretly envious* even when she's chubby and once she pass her teen-puberty stage she will become thin again and become a super da-meinu with nice long legs (she super tall!). And when that time comes, she'll be the one torturing me by repeating "wo hen mei" to my face, just like how I'm torturing her now T_T

Hais, 我还是好好趁机先享受现在,不然改次就没机会了!

Sian lor. My sister no need put makeup also so pretty, I put so much makeup (like a super thick mask. when I take out the 'mask' become another person lol) still can only reach this standard. Boohoohoo. Nevermind, 做人要知足!至少现在比N年前好看多了!

I really think that by repeating an action can change ones' looks leh. For example last time when I was in secondary school, I keep kiapping my nose from time to time. Now my nose although still very flat, is alot different from when I primary school (that time my nose is like a ball).

And in primary school my mouth is super thick, somemore the upper lips is folded obviously upwards abit like ShuQi. I hated my lips but then I grow to purse my lips and I really think some of my "outer lips" are now hidden behind liao lor! Got abit improvement! My family all say that they got notice I got an habit of hiding my lips into my mouth. Haha. Abit like this picture below. (I realised that in my Liese video, got many scenes I also unconsciously did it too!)

Look at Isaac's self-studded shoes!

The potato chips were yummy. I seldom eat titbits but I couldn't stop munching on them that day.

That's all!
Love the effects on the photos? They're not photoshopped in! Was shot with art filter on my new beloved Olympus PEN ep1.

Anyway, for those asking for the prices, I got it already.
It's ranged between 1k (promotional prices) - to about $1500.