Tuesday, March 31, 2009


By the constant nagging.
By irresponsible models.
By lots of worries.
By the endless to-do list.
By the lack of time.
By the freaking big number of insensitive people in this world.
By all the irritating people in this world.

GRRR. Good night irritating world.

Monday, March 30, 2009

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Kelvin was feeling bored today and edited this picture that he took of me many months back and sent it to me. Love the hair in this picture!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

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At first, my natural hair was wavy shoulder length.
It was ugly (especially the gold. omigosh. )

Then, i did extensions. Straight, slightly longer hair.

Then, i had big curls for a night. I love it, but im too lazy to curl it every morning. ( I can't anyway, i oversleep all the time) (oh did i also mention that i slept more than 12 hours afew nights ago? I still can't believe it. I used to sleep only 5-6 hours a day when i had school but now that im not schooling, im sleeping double! I skip lunch everyday and have supper every night. Bad.)

Then i changed, to curly extensions.
(stop laughing i know this picture look retarded but im only putting it up because it shows the curls clearly.)

After 2 weeks, i changed to very thick natural wave extensions. Some people felt it was too thick though. Im always so clumsy so it makes me look messy and untidy.

After so many changes, i still think straight plain hair suits my personality the most. And so, im now back to straight hair again, just that it's longer this time! I LOVE IT!

If you insult me, i'll send my hair smacking your face. Wahahaha. That was what accidently happened when alvin was suaning me that night. LOL.

(Thanks to Daniel and Felix for helping me take the pictures. It's for some thingy coming up. Reveal it to you all next time!~ )

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Daddy handed me a form just now and asked me to sign it.
I asked what is it for.
He replied: "To sell you away lor."

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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As promised.

Im a very magazine person. I like to have a magazine to read while travelling around in trains, buses, or cabs. I think i throw quite alot of money into magazines every month. You know how some magazines cost as expensive as 8 bucks to $13.50? I usually read 8days first (which is the cheapest... $2 only!) , and after that then i buy the other more expensive ones. Sometimes it burns a big hole in my wallet - i spend more on magazines than food! I can finish reading one magazine each journey, so usually by the 6th day of the month i would have run out of magazines to read already. I'll have no choice but to buy those super expensive japanese fashion magazines.

You should know how happy i am upon hearing about the new magazine that is newly available at all watsons stores! The launch date was 23rd march, so if you have been to watsons today you would have seen this GLOW magazine.

It features mainly beauty, wellness and health. I love the number of advices dished out in just a single issue. It covers practically everything! I particularly like one of the article which features the different type of jeans and what cutting fits what bodyshape. Now i know :D

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The Watsons Week Atrium will be held at Tampines Mall from 23rd to 29th of March. With every issue you buy there, you can spin-the-wheel and win some prizes back for yourself!

Also, there's this workshop you have to know about! The GLOW SPRING/SUMMER Workshop is on 25th April (Sat), 2 -5pm. Registration is only $25 plus you get a goodie bag worth $150!Closing date for registration is 11 April, so quick, get a copy of GLOW Mag now for more details of the workshop + participants must use the coupon inside the Magazine in order to sign up for the workshop on health and beauty :) I'll be there! How could i miss such an interesting event.

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Grab your copy today :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thanks to all the girls who came down for the casting yesterday.

All the girls who were selected but couldn't come down yesterday, we have another casting on 29th May Sunday. Email to love-estherxie@hotmail.com with subject - [BATCH 2] - your name.

In the email, include your hp number and one picture. I'll sms the location and timing to you babes after i get hold of the place. Thanks!

Anyway, alot of girls were commenting about my makeup yesterday when they saw me. Haha. All of them ask why my foundation was so light compared to my usual thick powdering. Aiya, yesterday im the one snapping people, not the one infront of the camera, no need to makeup until so nice what! The sun was so hot also, put already also will melt away!

Thanks to roxanne, gillian, aylwin and kaihui for helping and accompanying me!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chatted with Fiona over the phone last night and gosh, it has been a long time since we had such a long chat! I had so much to tell her! Gone were the secondary school days when we could talk everyday. Now everyone's so busy with each of our stuffs.

A reminder for the girls who were selected previously for the casting tomorrow :) Location and my handphone number is written in the emails i've sent some time back. Sms me if you have any questions. Wont be answering emails anymore. Cya babes tomorrow! Do come early because i think towards late afternoon alot will be coming and will be quite pack.

Those who can't make it tomorrow, i didn't save your numbers. If there's a 2nd casting, i'll announce it on my blog so do check for updates regularly if you are still keen.

Anyway, something glowy is coming your way in all Watsons on 23rd march! :D

I'll reveal the rest soon, so do check back to know more!

A couple of snapshots taken one or two months ago.
Credits to photographer John.

Friday, March 20, 2009

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okay, back to my usual updates :)

It was alvin's birthday some days back, so celebrated it with him by watching a movie and the sushi buffet i've been craving for so long! On a budget, thus sakae sushi!

Eat until damn full lor! Haha. He had another birthday dinner with his family right after our dinner, im sure his stomach bursted! haha.

The movie we watched: KungfuChefs.
Some parts quite funny but then it's just an average movie. No need to catch it. We only watched it because alvin is afraid of horror movies like ComingSoon -.- Tsk.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lazy to blog.
Because im so hooked on facebook games.

The irony is that I used to hate facebook and had even almost blogged about how much i hate it and to stop sending me event invites via facebook and i would very much prefer the traditional email invite. I had neglected it for so long that my almost 500 friend requests and application requests were piling up so much that whenever i tried to clear them my laptop hangs.

In the end i dumped the old account and created a fresh new account, moving from my real name Esther Chia to my alternative name Esther Xie (Xie is the chinese version of Chia). And has been active on facebook ever since.

I recently discovered the bowling game and got hooked. Then after that i discovered Real Estate Tycoon and that's what im hooked on now. It's like a property investor game. At first i made some mistakes but i soon got the hang of it and am now earning alot of money! Facebook money. Haha. If only they are real money, i'll be rich now. In 3 days, i earned more than 300 million dollars from the 1million that i started with! Wheets.

Okay luh, i want to go back playing liao. BB.

Anyway, I have so many movies i wanna watch! Who wanna ask me out for movies?? :D:D I've watched watchmen, push, kungfuchefs, marley&me. Now i wanna watch coming soon, slumdog millionaire, confessions of the shophaholic, 17again (zac efron is so damn cute. heh), and the list goes on.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's amazing how sometimes i dont feel like watching this particular movie but then went for the movie and then felt that it was a great movie at the end.

This happened to me twice this month.

1st up, WATCHMEN.

When Shaw Organisations sent me the invitation for their 2nd anniversary event, i was half-hearted cos i had no interest in whatever the Watchmen are... The trailer didn't attract me much, neither did the poster. I was like, okay got movie event, go see how lor. Invited arthur to attend the event with me. Was a bad choice cos he was in a terrible mood that night :(

I loved the show. I know how fans of the comic series dont like the movie because it doesn't represent the whole story, but i loved that the movie isn't just about fighting scenes. It's thought-provoking, and exciting. I dont want to add spoilers here, so you all should just go watch the movie! It's a little draggy and long though, so remember to pee before the movie! Heh.

Peggy and nadia was at the movie as well, with their dates!

Afew days later, benjamin & desmond were planning for a movie and they decided on "PUSH". I read the synopsis and felt uninterested but there wasn't any other movie they wanted to watch, so i just tagged along. And wow, i was glad i watched the movie! I LOVED IT! It's so damn interesting and exciting and great! I was caught on the story since the story started and never felt bored any minute. The whole movie is so unpredictable! I would very much like to be a spoiler here and tell you the whole story but then lets not add more haters to my list. Hah, go watch the movie. GO!!

Got 2 chiobu in the movie that i can't keep my eyes off. One is camilla belle.

And Li XiaoLu. She attitude is damn cool in the movie. Love her! (although she's at the evil side in the movie)

I liked the part where they said the "watchers", who are able to predict the future, actually can't really predict the exact future because the future is changing every second every minute. A minor thing you do could be a big impact to the future and change the future. Very true. The future is there but we can change it with our actions.

After the movie met up with isaac who brought alfred along.

Then a week later watched Marley and Me with Dennis. I was hoping to watch that movie for quite some time but most of my friends caught it already, and so i was waiting for someone who havent watch it to watch it with me. Dennis watched it already 2 nights ago but still accompanied me for the movie :)

Alot of people say they cried towards the end of the movie, so my aim that night was to not shed any tears! Haha. Overall i found the show a little boring at some parts =x But then it was still funny. I also loved seeing how the couple were so loving. They seldom quarrel, and when they do, they patch things up very quickly because they are both willing to give in. What made them the perfect match was that both of them are very positive and optimistic people! Even when unhappy things happen, they dont stay depress for long because of each other's encouragements!

Alright. It's a long entry. More updates another day!