Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lazy to blog.
Because im so hooked on facebook games.

The irony is that I used to hate facebook and had even almost blogged about how much i hate it and to stop sending me event invites via facebook and i would very much prefer the traditional email invite. I had neglected it for so long that my almost 500 friend requests and application requests were piling up so much that whenever i tried to clear them my laptop hangs.

In the end i dumped the old account and created a fresh new account, moving from my real name Esther Chia to my alternative name Esther Xie (Xie is the chinese version of Chia). And has been active on facebook ever since.

I recently discovered the bowling game and got hooked. Then after that i discovered Real Estate Tycoon and that's what im hooked on now. It's like a property investor game. At first i made some mistakes but i soon got the hang of it and am now earning alot of money! Facebook money. Haha. If only they are real money, i'll be rich now. In 3 days, i earned more than 300 million dollars from the 1million that i started with! Wheets.

Okay luh, i want to go back playing liao. BB.

Anyway, I have so many movies i wanna watch! Who wanna ask me out for movies?? :D:D I've watched watchmen, push, kungfuchefs, marley&me. Now i wanna watch coming soon, slumdog millionaire, confessions of the shophaholic, 17again (zac efron is so damn cute. heh), and the list goes on.

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