Monday, March 23, 2009

Thanks to all the girls who came down for the casting yesterday.

All the girls who were selected but couldn't come down yesterday, we have another casting on 29th May Sunday. Email to with subject - [BATCH 2] - your name.

In the email, include your hp number and one picture. I'll sms the location and timing to you babes after i get hold of the place. Thanks!

Anyway, alot of girls were commenting about my makeup yesterday when they saw me. Haha. All of them ask why my foundation was so light compared to my usual thick powdering. Aiya, yesterday im the one snapping people, not the one infront of the camera, no need to makeup until so nice what! The sun was so hot also, put already also will melt away!

Thanks to roxanne, gillian, aylwin and kaihui for helping and accompanying me!

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