Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chatted with Fiona over the phone last night and gosh, it has been a long time since we had such a long chat! I had so much to tell her! Gone were the secondary school days when we could talk everyday. Now everyone's so busy with each of our stuffs.

A reminder for the girls who were selected previously for the casting tomorrow :) Location and my handphone number is written in the emails i've sent some time back. Sms me if you have any questions. Wont be answering emails anymore. Cya babes tomorrow! Do come early because i think towards late afternoon alot will be coming and will be quite pack.

Those who can't make it tomorrow, i didn't save your numbers. If there's a 2nd casting, i'll announce it on my blog so do check for updates regularly if you are still keen.

Anyway, something glowy is coming your way in all Watsons on 23rd march! :D

I'll reveal the rest soon, so do check back to know more!

A couple of snapshots taken one or two months ago.
Credits to photographer John.

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