Thursday, March 12, 2009

hello people!

im now blogging at sabrina's office!
i was so broke this week that when sabrina offered me this boliao job i quickly accepted it. Haha. I was to collect as many brochures and flyers from the ITshow today and go back to the office to scan it one by one. I thought it was going to be a easy job but towards the end when i had like one big stack of flyers on my hand, i felt quite paisei. I feel like people are going look at me and think im some crazy girl collecting papers so that i can go home and sell the stack to the Karung Guni man and earn afew cents. Lol. I feel so desperate for flyers! i was looking everywhere for flyers lying on the table because i dont want to take them from the promoters. It would be so stupid to ask them for a flyer and then walk away without even looking at the paper. It'll be even more stupid if they saw me taking flyers from every single promoter. What was worse is that i had a swollen face today. I dont why, whenever i sleep late and wake up early, i'll have a swollen face. And then i wont be able to put on makeup properly. And i'll look like i just came out from a rubbish dump. =( 

Hate it when this happens, especially when i have events ahead where i have to pose for photos (the swollen face will show in the photo!) 

Luckily the pay is not bad for such a job. 

im in blogging mood now but too bad all my pictures are in my laptop at home! Nevermind, while i wait for the scanner to work its wonders, im going to read blogs! Im a follower of many many blogs! Wish all of them update like 5 times a day so that i'll never have nothing to read =D

Anyone got nice songs to intro so that i can update my imeem playlist? Im a very cheena person so i prefer mandarin songs, but then you can intro english songs too if you want to, if they sound nice like "Better In Time" by leona lewis. I never got tired of listening to that song! I dont want any screamy/noisy/tuneless/no-melody songs okay. Sometimes i switch on the radio and wonder why the station even bother to broadcast songs that sound more like flat-toned shouting and whining. They say it's arty and unique but I listen until i want to cover my ears lor! I rather those bubblegum pop songs. At least they have a melody! 

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