Saturday, March 7, 2009

A tiring but fun day.

Not long ago, Sabrina approached me and some other bloggers to be featured in the Gadget3 magazine, with a new topic to write about every week. You can view my page at . I'll update there every week, so you can go there and read when you are bored! Go read the other bloggers' articles too!

If you are going to start commenting about how my thoughts and replies to each topic is so shallow and superficial compared to the other blogers, well, I'm not a very gadgety person to being with. Sabrina chose 4 different personalities to represent the featured bloggers. Andy is the only guy, thus representing the males, Priss is probably representing the young working adults, Shynessa the non-mainstream teenager ... and that leaves with me, the average teenager consumer who's clueless about the chim terms of all kinds of gadgets.

The views i wrote in each week's topic are just honest opinions. Call me ignorant, call me a bad writer, it's okay.

Because i had a nice day today.
*after so many bad bad days, this normal day feels so good!

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