Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A letter sent to my home says that electricity will be cut off today starting from 1030am. It's 1045am now and im still able to charge my laptop. Heh, maybe their clock is slow.

Mum says that the lift will not be working as well. Means that when i leave the house later i have to take the stairs. GOSH. It has been a long time since i went down 10 storey flight of stairs. ( i did it afew years ago when i was trying to lose weight. I gave up after 3 days. lol. )

And i just realised a horrifying thingy.

If there is no electricity, it means that the switch of my wireless modem will be switched off as well. So it means no internet access! Luckily im going out today. If not i dont know what i can do at home -.-

I've lots of new clothes recently due to online shopping. Am so happy.

But that's the only thing im happy about.
The other areas of my life is just getting too depressing to think about. It's just bad days i guess. Everything's not turning out well, and im starting to doubt every decision i make.

It's not easy being independent without a man to rely on (especially when i had become used to having someone to fall back on for more than a year). But somehow whenever i get through a problem myself now, i feel a sense of satisfaction that im able to go through things alone. I'm not that weak afterall, right?

On another note, I wish i can pay someone to clear and arrange my wardrobe and table area. It's turning into a rubbish dump. Anyone knows any cleaning company that offers these services?

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