Monday, March 9, 2009

Sponsored Advertorial:


They sponsored me 3 pieces of clothings and i totally love them. Im so surprised that they looked even better than how i imagined them to be!

I love how the shop is not overly photoshopped (you know, some shops have so good photography that sometimes i doubt the real colours. lol. )

The owner brings in limited pieces for each of the designs, so grab them fast! The items listed on the shop are trendy stuffs, and the best part is, everything's priced so low! $18! $20! We seldom see such low prices on brand new clothing right?

My readers who purchase will get free normal postage. Just mention my name in your orderes. :)


Actually wanted to blog about the LG prada event but then it was a month ago thingy already, and i already forgot what to write about it =x

Went out with Xiaoting some weeks back.

A proper post coming soon. Waiting for pictures from aaghir and benjamin.

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