Friday, February 29, 2008

It's 29th February today,
It's the Leap Year!

The last leap year i was only secondary 2!!
I was a little twit at that time. Hahahah. Everyone was actually.

I thought that i would have alot of time to slowly surf the net today because it's my offday and i havent been really surfing the net ever since i started working! But then, i woke up late and now i only have afew minutes online then i have to go bathe and makeup and go out.

Meeting Isaac! Havent thought of where we would be going though. Nevermind lah, meet already then decide :) We are both lazy thinkers. Will be back with many photos, as usual :D

** paragraphs edited*
Boyfriend only told me that i made a mistake after im out of the house, and didn't get a chance to edit my post! I didn't hear correctly the last time he told me i suppose. But after he told me about the terrorist thingy, im now so afraid~~ I wished he hadnt told me.

I dont dare to go to work anymore.
I dont want sit on the mrt already.

Boyfriend's so cute sometimes :)
He hugs our little baby Yuan Yuan to sleep every night.
I hug him together with our baby to sleep every night.

Hee. A little piggy softtoy that has my recorded voice in it =p
He presses on the button every morning and smile upon hearing my voice. Awww. I wish i have something that when i press on the button, boyfriend will suddenly appear infront of me and give me a big tight hug.

Im getting too loveysick -.-
craving for donuts again.

I hate how this post is so random.
Tomorrow gonna work again. Im gonna have new colleagues soon! Cant wait to see how they look like ^^

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just came back from work.

Im so tired.
Havent been seeing boyfriend since last week. I miss him so much! Today's our 4th month yet im at work and he's in camp. All our month anniversaries always fall on a sway sway day when both of us couldn't meet up -.- Only 3rd month we manage to celebrate it together. Pathetic...

Everyday when i go home at night riding the always-crowded mrt, i wish there's a LCD display on top of everyone's head that says which stop they would be alighting at. Im always unlucky enough to stand infront of a person who's destination is super far away. I had to sadly see other passengers take away the seats beside the person i was standing in front of. If there's that LCD display screen, i would faster stand infront of the person who's alighting first. Hehe, that way i would be able to get a seat faster.

But then, after i thought about it, i realise that actually it isn't a very good idea because everyone will crowd around that person. hahaha.

Here's a series of pictures of me in a big white blouse taken quite long ago!

White by vince tan

Copy of IMG_1611

I like this one the most, because my eyes are expressionless. Haha. Dont ask me why i never rotate the picture properly. Heh, i purposely left it this way because if i turned it upright, my eyes become cocked -.-
Copy of IMG_1599

I just realised that i've yet to show you people my new hair colour! =x

Will update more soon alright, my off-day is coming soon~

Anyone have interesting places for me and isaac to go? We wanna go out on my offday but have no idea where to go! One thing to take note of, me and isaac are penniless though T_T

How to have fun without money?!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hello people!

My life is extremely unexciting recently because of worklife. Everyday's the same thing. Messaging boyfriend on the way to work, rushing because im always late =x Chatting with colleagues, end work, whine to boyfriend and back home again.

It's has been so long since i last shopped because every night when i end work the shops are already closed. And today..... i ended work early cos halfday, and i happily went to the nearest shop i saw and bought 2 tops and 2 dresses at one go. I regret buying one of the tops because it doesn't look very nice afterall when i reached home. Waste money again :(

Let me update about something VERY VERY VERY LONG AGO. hahaha. Isaac wanted nice pictures for his blog, so i asked a photographer to help him to do a free photoshoot :) I shoot a little with him too, for free. An experience for him i guess :D He was so excited! I told him not to smile with his teeth cos i think he looked way nicer without smiling. And he really didn't smile for any of the pics! (err, actually afew)

We wanted to shoot at some uber cool place, so the photographer thought of the Istana Woodneuk. Sadly, it was raining so we shot abit at esplanade first.

We both wore black and white. Planned one lah, we dont have so good chemistry. Haha.

Then, the rain stopped and we cabbed our way to Istana Woodneuk.

I think it's a super cool place, but we went there at a wrong time. As it just rained, the sand was super muddy and almost impossible for us to walk on. I was wearing WHITE HEELS! I sank into the stupid disgusting mud with each step i took.

We smuggled into a hole beside the gate and walked through the pathway. We often reach a deadway where there is a big pool of rain water on the ground that made us unable to get across. We stood there thinking of ways to climb over rocks and sinking mud to the other side.

Luckily, there's the photographer and isaac there with me! Without them, i'll be feeling so lost there and scary because it looks the same every direction. I was lucky i had isaac to pull me up and down the steep rocks and sticks that need balancing, or else i would definitely drop and fall down into dirty puddles of water.

It's nice to have someone taking care of you when your boyfriend is not there. I was missing my boyfriend badly while we were having the "little adventure" making our way to the old building. It's super far from the main gate.

If my boyfriend was there, i would have someone to hug and someone to carry me over. But oh well, it's always good to have a male good friend that you can count on :D Im supposed to be the one taking care of isaac since im older than him but somehow that day it seems the other way round! Lol.

Here are some of the pictures after we finally got to the place. Got chased out by a construction worker after afew minutes because it is dangerous as planks could drop on our head anytime. We went off to the back of the building and shoot again. LOL. The construction worker got really angry and start scolding vulgarities. We left after afew shots since i was already super tired from all the climbing.

What the hell am i doing? -.-

Went off to chijmes and washed ourselves up in the handicap toilet.

LOL at the isaac back there. haha.
Shot afew pics there and when sun sets, we left for home sweet home :)

Have you ever seen this kind of Isaac??!

See... Isaac doesn't look as good when he smiles right.

The photographer wanted us to hold hands through the window -.- Laughed at each other cos it feels so funny.

Wow. Im rather surprised how im able to remember everything that happen despite it being so long ago!

Monday, February 25, 2008

I was walking home a couple of days back and heard a song blasting from one of the flats near my home. Super loud.

And guess what song it was.
I think everyone of us had heard this old song before, and have not heard it for a long time.

It's..... the KETCHUP song!!!!!

I went back home to find the lyrics and carefully listened to it. The singer really sang every single word clearly! Last time when i was younger i thought she anyhow sing one. LOL.

friday night it's party time
feeling ready looking fine,
viene diego rumbeando,
with the magic in his eyes
checking every girl in sight,
grooving like he does the mambo
he's the man alli en la disco,
playing sexy felling hotter,
he's the king bailando et ritmo ragatanga,
and the dj that he knows well,
on the spot always around twelve,
plays the mix that diego mezcla con la salsa,
yi la baila and he dances yi la canta

aserej� ja de j� de jebe tu de jebere seibiunouva,
majavi an de bugui an de buididipi,
aserej� ja de j� de jebe tu de jebere seibiunouva,
majavi an de bugui an de buididipi

many think its brujeria,
how he comes and disappears,
every move will hypnotize you,
some will call it chuleria,
others say that its the real,
rastafari afrogitano

he's the man alli en la disco,
playing ***y felling hotter,
he's the king bailando et ritmo ragatanga,
and the dj that he knows well,
on the spot always around twelve,
plays the mix that diego mezcla con la salsa,
yi la baila and he dances yi la canta

I wonder how she sings that fast.
Can you sing that?

Quite some time ago at a lallang field.
I think my face in the picture not nice but my friends all think it's nice -.-


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yesterday and today was offday!
Manager gave me 2 days off to heal both of my feet.

I spent my offdays at home! Difficult to walk around much anyway.

Sad. I want go shopping!

On thursday, manager told me that she's gonna give me 3 hours break instead of 1 hour. Hee. Boyfriend managed to get out of camp early, and accompanied me for my break. He took taxi down just because he didn't want to keep me waiting (as i was feeling super hungry). Sucha sweet guy isn't it? And to reward him for that, i bought chocolates for him then realise afterwards that he isnt a fan of chocolates -.- But "not a fan" doesnt mean "dont like" mahs! And he MUST like anything that i give him =P

Me and boyfriend sitting outside a shopping centre watching people go by. He look at sexy babe one time, i spank him one time. Bleah. Just kidding of course, if he wants to go see then let him see. Best if he goes home with soreeye so that he cant see anymore. *evil laughs*

Psssst. He's at the racequeen search event now shooting them while im alone at home!! Hmmph. Im gonna get my camera soon so that i can go shoot hunks too!

Among my folders, i found this picture of a little boy at botanic gardens while i was there with benjamin. Cute right!!!! Photo credits to benjamin.

Im talking about random things now because i can't remember what i had actually wanted to blog about. Grr.

Oh ya, i havent took any decent pics of myself with my new hair. haha. Soon lah okay? :)

Im feeling hungry.
Shan't think anymore. BB!

I have many things to update.
But not gonna do that today =P

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I've got a new ambition!

I wanna be rich when i grow up and enjoy life! I wanna be like those tai-tais who do nothing except eating great food, shopping and looking good! Adding the package with a loving and doting boyfriend, harmonious family, and loyal friends, I'll be a very happy girl then :D Retail therapy always makes me very happy.

I serve many rich people at my workplace and i wanna be like them, being able to spend money like tapwater. Sigh, but in order to be rich, you either marry a rich husband, or work hard :(

Marrying a rich husband? There are two types. One is the kind who inherited billions from his father and is most probably a useless spoilt brat and we can waste our lives away together indulging in luxuries. But that is highly impossible. Not that i dont want, it's just that I dont even know any teenage guy who have fathers owning big companies earning big bucks.

The another kind of rich husband is those who worked hard and climbed their way to the top. But they would be busy everyday with their careers, where got time to enjoy life with you! Rich also no use.

Cancelling out the 'rich husband' option, the only other way to get rich is to .... work hard. But then, when you are working hard, where do you have the time and energy to enjoy life with your money?

I wanna find a job that i enjoy doing, it gives high pay, and it's a relaxing job. Yoohoo. I shall dream about it at work later.

I want money.

My job currently pays me peanuts.
It's super little money for all the work i have to do! But oh well, the only reason why im working is because mum is nagging at me since before holidays to get a stable job. I've been pushing it back because i still want to go out and play, but the naggings have got to a certain level that i canot tahan anymore and go for job interviews. My first interview was a success but i had to dye away my lovely golden blonde, tie up my every strand of hair including the fringe at work (which means looking ugly), wear very little makeup (which also means looking ugly), and wear covered FLAT shoes.

I miss my uncovered high high high heels ...

Look at what happen to the back of my feet yesterday. The shoes are hurting me... and tore my skin.

It's gross. Close your eyes while you scroll if you dont wanna see.





Painful! Especially when i bathe!

This job is making it more difficult for me to meet up with boyfriend or even chat with him. Sigh. But since he is happier now, then i guess i've made the right choice?

My lips are dried. AGAIN.
If you see a very ugly girl out in town, with very little makeup which is most probably messedup because she didn't bother to reapply, dried chapped red lips and you think it is me, PRETEND it's not me and walk away okay :)

Alright, here are some jokes to entertain you people who dont have to work and is happily resting at home with your legs up on the table.

Lady : Is this my train?
Station Master : No, it belongs to the Railway Company.
Lady : Don't try to be funny. I mean to ask if I can take this train to New Delhi .
Station Master : No Madam, I'm afraid it's too heavy.


Customer : Waiter, do you serve crabs?
Waiter : Please sit down sir, we serve everyone.


Customer : Waiter, there's a f ly in my soup.
Waiter : That's all right sir, he won't drink much.


1st thief : Oh ! The police is here. Quick! Jump out of the window!
2nd thief : But this is the 13th floor.
1st thief : Hurry! this is no time for superstitions .


Will take photos of my new darkbrown hair and light makeup soon :)
Havent got into camwhore mood because im still not used to my light makeup. It makes my face look so bland and sleepy.

Anyway, i love my current hair colour!

Monday, February 18, 2008

I reached home and told sister that i felt like throwing up. Maybe it was the car ride that a friend drove justnow :( And guess what my sister's first answer was??

~Do you need sourplums?~
She meant to say that im pregnant! Siao Char bor.

Went shopping just now! Spent 3digit sums again :( Mum will kill me if she knows about it. Lucky im not the kind who spend thousands at a go. haha. I dont even have the ability to do that anyway.

Bought a pair of plain black flats, ugly adultish black pants for work, and afew earrings. A dress and a top, lingerie, hairdye, silver & shinyblack bikinis. i wonder why i bought the bikinis. I like them, but i wonder when i could wear them out to the beach since i seldom go there anyway. The silver one is so shiny that i think i can use it as a mirror. Yippie! Gonna go swimming with fiona and huimin some day :) So long since i last saw bestie fiona and that funny huimin.

Drank this green drink from starbucks for the first time today! My friend recommended it and i thought it was wasabi when it was put down infront of me! LOL. It really looks like wasabi, especially when it's semi-solid. My friend even teased me by telling me that it's wasabi! grr. It's actually greentea milk i think.

Im kinda worried. Everyone has been telling me that the zodaic HORSE will have a bad year. I wish i can fastforward this year and quickly move to the next year. Horses will have more possiblities of getting an accident, not able to achieve much in workplace, wealth no good, people around us will backstab us, and we will FALL OUT OF LOVE!!! :(

My mum says if im not careful, my boyfriend would find faults with me and leave me.... Although boyfriend keeps ensuring and promising me, but im still afraid. He's almost everything that i wanted in a boyfriend...

Mum says i should stop being such a stubborn and unreasonable girlfriend :(

Maybe i should, in case my boyfriend cannot tahan anymore or find another girl that listens to everything he says.

Boyfriend told me one day that all he wanted was a simple gf. A normal, plain girl, the Esther he had known from the start. He doesn't really like me going to photoshoots, and is somehow jealous of those photographers having a piece of me. Well, i guess that's normal, just like how i dont like him having a piece of those models. Boyfriend didn't stop me from going for photoshoots. He just told me how he worries for my safety but he will still let me do what i want to do.

And so. I've decided! Im going to work a normal job that pays alot lesser than photoshoots. A job that normal girls do. Im gonna be my boyfriend's simple faithful girlfriend :)

Im gonna kick photoshoots aside for now, doing them only when i need money for shopping ^^

I've found a new job, but i wont tell you people what im working as and where it is. I'll be wearing alot lesser makeup and tying up my hair at work. In fact, nowsaday i seldom makeup so thick anymore unless im doing a shoot or in a super mood. That's why i dont camwhore that much, because i look bad in photos with so little makeup. Haha.

IM GONNA DYE MY HAIR CARAMEL CHOCOLATE, IN OTHER WORDS, DARK BROWN. Although i love my golden blonde hair, but workplace dont allow lah. Hope my dyejob turns out good!


I realise there are more and more twofaced people around me recently. Funny how someone could be so nice to you but constantly mocking you at the back. One of them is even a guy.

Dont they feel guilty? As for the guy, are you a man? I thought only females do that. Eww.

And lastly, a picture that boyfriend took of me :)


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Im not a celebrity.
Im not pretty.
Im not clever.
Im not funny.
I dont speak good english.
I dont write well.
I say the wrong things all the time.
I have stupid moodswings.
I dont know how to makeup well.
I may not have the best fashion sense.
I may not have the most interesting life.

Although i couldn't find any reasons for my readers to read my life, But i want to thank all of you for staying by me and my blog through all the months :)


Saturday, February 16, 2008

im in blogging mood!

went out with boyfriend today, and today felt more loving and happier than valentines day. hmmm. went shopping after a shoot (have to love bf more for patiently waiting outside throughout the 2hours plus) and bought a pair of black cute high heels that boyfriend doesn't like =x (he chose the more mature looking one... hee. that was nice too, except that it wasn't as tall as the one i bought.) Also bought another purple tube dress and a grey casual dress. Was choosing between red and purple cos i think i look better in red and always look bad in purple. Almost bought both of them but boyfriend stopped me cos he thinks i can always buy another nicer red dress in the future. yep, so heeded his advice and bought purple! I wonder if i'll regret... Maybe i was just feeling guilty for not choosing his taste in the high heels and he seems kinda upset. Bleah.

Didn't take pictures at all today. Kinda lost the love for camwhore cos i dont always look good in the photos :( But still, dont worry because i still have lots of pics to blog about!

Went for a creative shoot afew days ago for the Blackarts Imaging Production. Some models went for a trial test with the photographer for him to choose afew to appear in his photobook for showing to his clients. Surprisingly, i was chosen! Feel happy for me okay? :)

The photographer is a very kind and nice guy, and the makeup + designs that the makeup artist showed us was so damn cool! I can't wait to finish the whole project and see the final results!

Did one of the designs that day with fidelis and bianca. Had to go to the studio without makeup. I survived the mrt trip. Phew. If any of you saw me without makeup outside, dont come up to me and ask if it's me okay? Just pretend it isnt esther :D

Look at my flawed skin.... ( i sat through the mrt trip without the shades!)

Hairstyling. into a bun and she planted some feathers too. lol.

Catch a glimpse of my face without makeup in the mirror!

Placing the silver thingy on my face. Using GLUE! Check out my SMALL eyes.

DONT BE SHOCKED BY MY MAKEUP OKAY. i know i look scary. hahaha. I like my lips to be this colour.

After red lipstick. I look evil.

After the makeup which took about 2 hours, i was draped in a black cloth like a gown. The needles were poked at the back and i can't move much or else i would be poked! At one moment i breathed too hard (i have asthma and sometimes i have to breath very hard if not there wouldn't be enough air to go into my lungs), and the needles at the back all dropped out! Scared me so much that i breathed very little for the rest of the shoot. When the 'gown' was finally unwrapped around my body, i was totally relieved. lol.

Fidelis was next and she looked like an evil queen too!

Bianca's makeup was different from the two of us.
Me, Bianca, Fidelis. The two of them look naked. LOL!

I took around one hour to take out all the makeup in the end!! The glue left my face looking like some rotten skin. Had a hard time scraping all the leftovers out. The other two models had a better time because all they had to do is to take out the hairspray and thick eyeliner. Mine had stupid feathers and hairspray and eyeliner and red lips and silver thingy and GLUE!

Lucky my face didn't grow pimple the next day.

Will show you people the pictures when i get them! Not so soon i guess.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Do you people miss those times when you are younger, in school, and having crushes or little puppy love? I do. As i was out with boyfriend yesterday, i look around me and see little couples loveydovey and so smitten with each other. I thought back of what i was in secondary school. We would do anything just for the person we like. Just a look of 'him' and we'll be feeling happy throughout the day. We would gush over every little tiny thing he did.

I feel that as i grow up, i got more and more demanding of things around me. More difficult to get me satisfied, and i seldom fall in love with a person as much as i do in the past.

We used to be able to DO ANYTHING for our dates. But it seems like now, we all think before doing anything, as though love isn't as important as other things in our life. Maybe we've all grown to be more clever, or we became realistic :( that's bad.

I dont know how to explain how i feel. I've always wanted to grow up when i was younger. Now i wish i could be younger, and go back to those innocent times...


My Valentines Day?
Honestly, I would say i felt it was quite normal.
Maybe we were always this loving everyday so vday wasn't that special, or maybe my expectations were too high.

But well, i still love him :)

I think i spoilt the date a little because i wasn't smiling as much as he had expected me to. Im sorry to him for that, but on the other hand, im not the type who would smile a fake one when im not truely smiley inside. I thank and love him for trying to cheer me up with that rose :)

He was the first guy who gave me a flower in my whole life. That's isn't the important part though.

Many girls might have a whole bunch of beautiful roses and sunflowers last night. Although mine was only a stalk, it meant alot because it was the first time he gave a flower to a girl. He wasn't the type that is full of romantic ideas and flower giver. I asked him why he gave me a flower when he had never gave it to anyone before, and he only replied: "because i want to give my first time to you."

sense my emotions.

Okay, he booked out of camp, went home and bathe and came to my house to fetch me up. I was late and wouldn't let him in the house because i havent record my messages into the little piggy softtoy that i was to give him. Last minute! Haha. Cos i was busy surfing the net before he come and was lazy. I had told him afew days ago that im going to give him a useless present. LOL. It is indeed useless!

We flew to NewYork for our dinner date!

My first time.

Not one newyork, but TWO newyorks!!

Hee. We went to the NEW YORK NEW YORK at cityhall =P

He drank this.
Me this.


His half chicken and DELICIOUS PRAWNS!! I swear their prawns are so fat and yummy to eat! omg. i wanna eat their prawns again...
Mine was this. The whole dish was of the same taste =x Tomato. Sotong, Fish and THEIR LOVELY PRAWNS.

Too full for desserts although we wanted to :(

Well, after that we had wanted to play with lightsticks outside at some secluded places but he forgot to bring them out!! -.-

We walked around and i secretly went into the "Print" shop which sell many lovely cards while he was withdrawing cash. Drew on a card and gave it to him :) What i wrote inside, well, only he will know =P

He had a surprise for me too! I didn't see him holding anything, but as i went down the elevator, he hugged me from the back and gave me the rose. Awwwww :) I couldnt stop my smile from forming.

MY VALENTINES DAY rounded up in ... 3 minutes!
If you can't see the video below, you can go to this link: