Monday, February 11, 2008

Although the main days of chinese new year is over, im still having fun because there are still so much yummy titbits and sweets at home. Im not particularly fond of titbits but i just found a packet of jelly in my refrigerator!! Yums.

Okay, my reunion dinner was nothing special, just steamboat :)

Mummy said that we must have leftover rice on the last day of a lunar year, so she cooked rice enough for 15 people!!


As a tradition, we have to say lucky words while giving our parents oranges. Sister went first and she said all the lucky words until i can't find anymore thing to say! I ran out to the living room to look at the red banners (Chun1 Lian2), memorised them, and ran back reading the words. lol.

My home's "qi gu" grew to this height! Almost reaching the lights already.

Grandma and Grandpa are going overseas, so our family and cousins went to see them off at the airport. Here are my super cute little cousins!

I think he looks like a little monk. haha.

In the taxi on the way to another relative's house.
I had funny makeup that day, i know =P
He's temper is real bad!

Daddy bought the Warlords and we watched it yesterday! I think it's a really nice movie. I dont like JetLi in the movie! Such an ungrateful, selfish and hungry-for-power guy. I was scolding him all the way. hahaha. Takeshi is super handsome in this movie, and i prefer him like this with short hair than his long hair. And i love AndyLau, both his looks and inside the movie! He's such a good guy.

Go rent or buy the dvd and watch!
I guess im abit late in watching this show, but to be honest i wasn't very attracted to this show when it first came into the cinemas cos i thought it would be like those chim and hard to understand movies about ancient china.

I know today's post is short. Will blog about Day2 and day3 of chinese new year in my next post! ^^

Who have fulltime temp jobs (1-2 months) to intro to me? Anywhere that you are working at too? :) I dont care about the pay. I just have to find a job if not mum would keep nagging at me =p

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