Friday, February 29, 2008

It's 29th February today,
It's the Leap Year!

The last leap year i was only secondary 2!!
I was a little twit at that time. Hahahah. Everyone was actually.

I thought that i would have alot of time to slowly surf the net today because it's my offday and i havent been really surfing the net ever since i started working! But then, i woke up late and now i only have afew minutes online then i have to go bathe and makeup and go out.

Meeting Isaac! Havent thought of where we would be going though. Nevermind lah, meet already then decide :) We are both lazy thinkers. Will be back with many photos, as usual :D

** paragraphs edited*
Boyfriend only told me that i made a mistake after im out of the house, and didn't get a chance to edit my post! I didn't hear correctly the last time he told me i suppose. But after he told me about the terrorist thingy, im now so afraid~~ I wished he hadnt told me.

I dont dare to go to work anymore.
I dont want sit on the mrt already.

Boyfriend's so cute sometimes :)
He hugs our little baby Yuan Yuan to sleep every night.
I hug him together with our baby to sleep every night.

Hee. A little piggy softtoy that has my recorded voice in it =p
He presses on the button every morning and smile upon hearing my voice. Awww. I wish i have something that when i press on the button, boyfriend will suddenly appear infront of me and give me a big tight hug.

Im getting too loveysick -.-
craving for donuts again.

I hate how this post is so random.
Tomorrow gonna work again. Im gonna have new colleagues soon! Cant wait to see how they look like ^^

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