Friday, February 15, 2008


Do you people miss those times when you are younger, in school, and having crushes or little puppy love? I do. As i was out with boyfriend yesterday, i look around me and see little couples loveydovey and so smitten with each other. I thought back of what i was in secondary school. We would do anything just for the person we like. Just a look of 'him' and we'll be feeling happy throughout the day. We would gush over every little tiny thing he did.

I feel that as i grow up, i got more and more demanding of things around me. More difficult to get me satisfied, and i seldom fall in love with a person as much as i do in the past.

We used to be able to DO ANYTHING for our dates. But it seems like now, we all think before doing anything, as though love isn't as important as other things in our life. Maybe we've all grown to be more clever, or we became realistic :( that's bad.

I dont know how to explain how i feel. I've always wanted to grow up when i was younger. Now i wish i could be younger, and go back to those innocent times...


My Valentines Day?
Honestly, I would say i felt it was quite normal.
Maybe we were always this loving everyday so vday wasn't that special, or maybe my expectations were too high.

But well, i still love him :)

I think i spoilt the date a little because i wasn't smiling as much as he had expected me to. Im sorry to him for that, but on the other hand, im not the type who would smile a fake one when im not truely smiley inside. I thank and love him for trying to cheer me up with that rose :)

He was the first guy who gave me a flower in my whole life. That's isn't the important part though.

Many girls might have a whole bunch of beautiful roses and sunflowers last night. Although mine was only a stalk, it meant alot because it was the first time he gave a flower to a girl. He wasn't the type that is full of romantic ideas and flower giver. I asked him why he gave me a flower when he had never gave it to anyone before, and he only replied: "because i want to give my first time to you."

sense my emotions.

Okay, he booked out of camp, went home and bathe and came to my house to fetch me up. I was late and wouldn't let him in the house because i havent record my messages into the little piggy softtoy that i was to give him. Last minute! Haha. Cos i was busy surfing the net before he come and was lazy. I had told him afew days ago that im going to give him a useless present. LOL. It is indeed useless!

We flew to NewYork for our dinner date!

My first time.

Not one newyork, but TWO newyorks!!

Hee. We went to the NEW YORK NEW YORK at cityhall =P

He drank this.
Me this.


His half chicken and DELICIOUS PRAWNS!! I swear their prawns are so fat and yummy to eat! omg. i wanna eat their prawns again...
Mine was this. The whole dish was of the same taste =x Tomato. Sotong, Fish and THEIR LOVELY PRAWNS.

Too full for desserts although we wanted to :(

Well, after that we had wanted to play with lightsticks outside at some secluded places but he forgot to bring them out!! -.-

We walked around and i secretly went into the "Print" shop which sell many lovely cards while he was withdrawing cash. Drew on a card and gave it to him :) What i wrote inside, well, only he will know =P

He had a surprise for me too! I didn't see him holding anything, but as i went down the elevator, he hugged me from the back and gave me the rose. Awwwww :) I couldnt stop my smile from forming.

MY VALENTINES DAY rounded up in ... 3 minutes!
If you can't see the video below, you can go to this link:

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