Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just came back from work.

Im so tired.
Havent been seeing boyfriend since last week. I miss him so much! Today's our 4th month yet im at work and he's in camp. All our month anniversaries always fall on a sway sway day when both of us couldn't meet up -.- Only 3rd month we manage to celebrate it together. Pathetic...

Everyday when i go home at night riding the always-crowded mrt, i wish there's a LCD display on top of everyone's head that says which stop they would be alighting at. Im always unlucky enough to stand infront of a person who's destination is super far away. I had to sadly see other passengers take away the seats beside the person i was standing in front of. If there's that LCD display screen, i would faster stand infront of the person who's alighting first. Hehe, that way i would be able to get a seat faster.

But then, after i thought about it, i realise that actually it isn't a very good idea because everyone will crowd around that person. hahaha.

Here's a series of pictures of me in a big white blouse taken quite long ago!

White by vince tan

Copy of IMG_1611

I like this one the most, because my eyes are expressionless. Haha. Dont ask me why i never rotate the picture properly. Heh, i purposely left it this way because if i turned it upright, my eyes become cocked -.-
Copy of IMG_1599

I just realised that i've yet to show you people my new hair colour! =x

Will update more soon alright, my off-day is coming soon~

Anyone have interesting places for me and isaac to go? We wanna go out on my offday but have no idea where to go! One thing to take note of, me and isaac are penniless though T_T

How to have fun without money?!

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