Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yesterday and today was offday!
Manager gave me 2 days off to heal both of my feet.

I spent my offdays at home! Difficult to walk around much anyway.

Sad. I want go shopping!

On thursday, manager told me that she's gonna give me 3 hours break instead of 1 hour. Hee. Boyfriend managed to get out of camp early, and accompanied me for my break. He took taxi down just because he didn't want to keep me waiting (as i was feeling super hungry). Sucha sweet guy isn't it? And to reward him for that, i bought chocolates for him then realise afterwards that he isnt a fan of chocolates -.- But "not a fan" doesnt mean "dont like" mahs! And he MUST like anything that i give him =P

Me and boyfriend sitting outside a shopping centre watching people go by. He look at sexy babe one time, i spank him one time. Bleah. Just kidding of course, if he wants to go see then let him see. Best if he goes home with soreeye so that he cant see anymore. *evil laughs*

Psssst. He's at the racequeen search event now shooting them while im alone at home!! Hmmph. Im gonna get my camera soon so that i can go shoot hunks too!

Among my folders, i found this picture of a little boy at botanic gardens while i was there with benjamin. Cute right!!!! Photo credits to benjamin.

Im talking about random things now because i can't remember what i had actually wanted to blog about. Grr.

Oh ya, i havent took any decent pics of myself with my new hair. haha. Soon lah okay? :)

Im feeling hungry.
Shan't think anymore. BB!

I have many things to update.
But not gonna do that today =P

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