Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blogging a short update and im off for lunch and meeting up with a babe! Wont tell you guys who she is, will blog about it afew days later~ I wonder why all the girl friends i have are so pretty. Hee. Maybe its because i tend to like beautiful things more =p

Hee. That doesn't mean im not nice to average looking girls lah. Im not stuckup okay... Im nice to everyone (when im in a good mood) !

Watched KungFu Dunk yesterday! I hereby announce that I DONT WANT MY BOYFRIEND ANYMORE!!! I want jaychou. He's super cute in this movie!! I dont know why but i like guys who are tough looking on the outside but cute inside. Hehe.

There were several times in the movie when jaychou suddenly make a act-cute face. OMG. That made me melt in my seat!! I WANT HIM :(

Not much of romantic love story in this movie, but more of handsome hunks shooting balls. That's perfectly alright for me, i think other than jaychou, the other two hunks at the basketball court have their individual charm too!

Oops. I sound like i was only drooling over the hunks for the whole show. Hee. I just didn't want to blurt the storyline out and be a spoiler. Go watch! For the guys, there's that cute charlene from TWINS to drool over. I find her super cute in all movies :) I like her more than gillian actually.

Okay lah. I better go back to my senses.
Jaychou is faraway in taiwan. Shall stick back to my boyfriend instead. Boyfriend is also cute =P

Went out with boyfriend! He accompanied me to chinatown for a discussion with a photographer, and after that we went to have a fast lunch. I didn't eat very fast though =x

Walked from chinatown to clarke quay and from clarke quay to chinatown in my uber high heels!

At clarkequay, boyfriend shooting me from inside the water :D

He wasn't really in the water. Just standing afew inches away from the water. One kick from me and he would be bathing in Singapore River :)
Did any of you tried this before?? I dont dare leh! Im a fan of speed but im afraid of heights and this. I dont think i'll ever try it in my life.

I love the colourful shophouses at clarkequay.

Boyfriend shot afew pictures of me midway through the journey. He's in camp now so he havent edit all the pictures yet. Got two of them though :)

An unfriendly one:
Garden - by KelvinChia

And a smiley one! (although 50% of my face is gone due to the stupid wind and my messy hair)

I still have darkbrown hair underneath my golden hair :(

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