Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Remember that time LG gave me that beautiful LG shine to try out? They are nice people again and sent this over to my home a couple of weeks ago for me!

Isnt it beautiful?

The back looks like a digicam! Oh, and i forgot to say it's 5 megapixels. *jumps around happily*

and the best thing is..... It's touch screen!!!

So sleek and elegant!! I totally love the design and uniqueness of this phone. Especially the camera, which is a whopping 5 megapixels.
Copy of DSC01670

Here is a picture taken out of it. Of course, you cannot actually judge the quality through this pic cos i photoshopped :) You can change ISO settings for this phone, and you dont see that in many phone cameras!

And... yes, my hair is Golden Blonde now.
*prepares to get nagged at when i visit relatives during Chinese New Year =p *

(my own phone)
Copy of DSC01641

Stop the thing about the eyeliner lah.
I'll learn to grow out of it when the time comes.

Here are all the answers to your questions.

-Why did you dye this colour?
Because i've always wanted to, and if i dont dye it now, i would dye it sooner or later. Once i decided, i'll have to do it or else it will keep bugging me.

-Do you like this colour?
Surprisingly, i like it! And as what jessica says, what's most important is whether i like it or not.

-Why dont you dye black?
I HATE BLACK HAIR. it looks ugly and dull on me and makes me look like i havent graduate from primary school. Stop asking me to dye black. Any colour except black. Any colour except colours that are close to black.

- Why dont you make yourself tan so that you'll look nicer?
I HATE being tan. I look ugly with dark skin and i've been through a period of ugly dark skin before so i know.

- Xiaxue looks nice with blonde hair cos she has tan skin. But your fair skin is unsuitable!!
She looks good in tan skin. I dont.

- Why dont you just draw a thin line of eyeliner near the edges of your eyelid?
Because if i draw it like that i might as well dont draw at all. My eyelid folds in when i open up my eyes, so i need to draw at least 2 cm in order for the eyeliner to be seen.

- Why dont you use black eyeshadow instead?
Only missha black eyeshadow is seenable. The rest i've tried are grey ugly shit. And missha's eyeshadow are too loose and leave black powder around my face.

- Why dont you not wear any makeup? We'll love the natural you more.
I'll look even uglier than i do now. I assure you that you'll hate me more.

-Why dont you put up pics of yourself without makeup so that we can judge?
I've put up those pics before. Read through my archives before acting like you know me very well.

-Why dont you put light makeup? Dont make the eyeliner too thick.
When the outline at the top of my eyes isn't thick enough, i look like im sleepy.

-You should let makeup artist draw your face and see how well it looks. Your makeup sucks!
Well, if you dont know, many makeup artist have complained that my eyes are difficult to draw. And, most of them made me uglier than my own makeup anyway.

-You should...... *inserts some "expert" advice*
How many times do i have to repeat that standard makeup ways DONT WORK FOR ME?

Dont worry people. I'll learn to improve on my makeup, but not through the repeated useless ways you people give. Im not blessed with beautiful eyes that need minimal makeup.

And you people didnt live with my eyes for 18 years. I did. You people dont understand enough. Looking at my pics isn't enough.

And my blonde hair wont stay for long, cos i'll redye as soon as some black hair grows out. Black + blonde would look ugly. I've satisfied myself by dyeing it blonde, so my next colour would be something darker :)


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