Sunday, February 10, 2008

Had wanted to blog about Chinese New Year today since there is still a little CNY mood left but i dont know how to transfer pictures from the digital cam =x

Shall ask dad tonight. Hee. Lots of photos!

Meanwhile, i have lots and lots of clothes to clear in my wardrobe! Worn only once or twice, and selling at super low prices! Im those kind of people that wear a dress once or twice, and then forget about the dress after i buy a new one. Haha. It'll be too wasteful if i can't sell them off. This is somewhere to spend on your newly earned angbao money! Email me at for enquiries and photos of those clothing. Piority would be given to those that can make fast payment :)

Boyfriend went to sentosa yesterday to shoot flowers, and he did this with photoshop! Nothing fantastic, but considering the fact that he's is a photoshop noob (when i mean noob, i mean totally zero knowledge in photoshop), it's good effort! It's the thought that counts isn't it? ^^

Another sweet photo that he took.

Speaking of flowers and hearts, Valentines Day is coming SOON!! It's a very important date for me every year, especially when im attached. Im super fragile infront of romantic stuffs and situations. hee.

But sadly, boyfriend would be in camp for this year's Valentines day... Sigh! Had actually planned to go out with isaac (as standby, hehe) on Vday but then im lazy to makeup, dressup and go out lei. And i dont want to go out and see those loving couples hugging and kissing while im with a guy that i cannot hug nor kiss. pffttt. Think i shall stay at home and spend time with my lover - which is my laptop! Lalalala. If you are single, at least now you know you aren't the only one without a date on valentines day! I'll be here accompanying you.

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