Thursday, March 31, 2011

Outfit Entry

It has been long since I last wore earrings... Just too lazy :x

Welcoming Spring~

Lovely dress from

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Geddit? Geddit??

Famous Last Words

"What does this button do?"

"So, you're a cannibal."

"Na, I don't think we need to go to the hospital."

"My brakes are fine."

"Don't touch the red button!"

"Nice doggy. "

"Noo these windows are ok to lean on"

Geddit? Geddit?? Found these on a random website. Funny!!
I think most people won't get it. Comment if you geddit!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beh Teh Sor

That day my mum came back from her trip in Genting and brought back two packets of Beh Teh Sor. I was munching on my Beh Teh Sor, when something caught my eye. At the ingredients listing, got "HORSE'S HOOF"! For a second I had a bimbo moment and thought really have! Lol. That's when I realised that it's direct translation from the chinese name, Ma Ti Su. Ma Ti can mean waterchestnut or horse hoof. Lol. However, the packet above not so nice to eat. This brand below nicer. And so I went to check out what's the ingredient difference that makes it so nice.... Secret discovered and revealed! The secret to a yummy Ma Ti Su is to NOT put any Ma Ti in!



Flyers2011 is having a new service, promoting blogshops via flyers door-to-door distribution! The rates are super low, and outreach can range from 500 to 1500 homes!

For the month of April, they will be having a special package featuring.... me! Yep, by buying a package from them, they'll give you a free advertorial on my blog! It's really very worth it, considering that the price is actually lower than my standard advertorial rate. (they bought in bulk just for you ^^)

The packages include free designing and printing service too. The highest price is $100 only, quickly email to enquire for prices!

You can also customise your own packages with them. If this venture is successsful, they'll eventually branch out to other bloggers as well, helping you to get exposure via offline and online means!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Colours and polkadots

Want to see my new nail design?? :D

Tada! Cute right! Colourful and polkadots ^^ Love them very much!

Done at Millys.
Visit and book your appointment!

Went over to Cineleisure for Kbox! Bf found a super good deal. $6 per pax for 2 hours of singing, and it includes a drink. Kbox got so cheap before meh!!

SX singing bitter song I think. Hahaha.

Guess why this picture below so glowy. Cos my camera fogged up after I left the cabin! It was so cold inside our KTV room, lucky got blanket. But it had a nasty cigarette smell so SX refused to come near me :(

We went to Changi's Ubin restaurant after that cos he is treating his family and grandparents for dinner.

Had yummy dinner!
Lovely dress from :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Fashionkisser is on to their 9th spree already! The support has been immense and the owners are all happy to continue providing you girls with pretty clothings for usual price range of $10 - $15!

Check out the wide range of choices on:


Wanna try the bohemian style? Tribal bags collection up today! Go check out the pretty designs before they get snapped up!


Fresh from the oven, new collection today! For this collection 5, there are Safari prints, rompers, and also sheer pieces :)

Love their web! Free local postage with $80 purchase, and get a free bonus gift with every 2 items purchase! Check out their latest collection! :)

Other promos from heyadonia :)

For blogshops that are interested to be featured in this weekly feature, please email to for rates and options. Thanks!

Saturday, March 26, 2011




It's updated again!

My favourite pieces from the new collection:

Simple and comes in Khaki color too!

And from the past collection, this dress left limited pieces already! Comes in black as well.

Click now! Free normal postage for everyone :)


This song nice.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tea Cosy!

Tea Cosy

Nadia brought us to this lovely place for her MysteryMakan turn! This little cosy cafe is located at a cosy corner of PlazaSing!

Really alot angel ornaments inside!!

Even got a little shop selling such items at a cosy corner haha.

I love the menu design! However, I felt that the choices for main course was quite limited.

We all had lovely pretty floral plates in different design and colours! This is mine ^^

And this yellow one is Jacelyn's. I like this one. I also like Nadia's, which was blue flowers. Only Fidelis got the plate that look like the china plates we all have at home lol.

Mushroom soup. I like the bread! It's spread with something sweet but I forgot what it was.

We also had the baked mushrooms with cheese on top. I just can't resist it! But I think there are nicer baked mushrooms outside though.

Jacelyn's fish.

My grilled chicken with pasta. The chicken was yums! Love the sauce it came with.

Foie Gras for Nadia and Fidelis.

Group pic for us four! Check out Nadia's new jet-black hair colour!

It's desserts time!

This was raspberry sorbet. Prefer sorbet to icecream cos it's lighter and I like sour stuff.

We had assorted cakes. Love how it came!

Brownie with icecream was great. I had two! :p

Group pic for all of us...

Lovely dress from !

Thursday, March 24, 2011


New collection up on AshInCans!

As usual, lots of beautiful pieces.

^^ Faster click cos their stocks always run out fast de!

The most common lie...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whisper Pampering Night

Last month, I attended the Whisper Pampering Night at Oosh with a few other bloggers and had a great time!

Speech by Cherie!

Firstly, we pampered ourselves to yummy dinner! The food that day was really good. I had two servings!

Then we played a game, spot the difference...
MY GROUP WON. *smug*

Special appearance by Paige Chua...

She's so pretty~~ And lucky Jacelyn, who won her 2nd prize for the night, by winning the Bingo game!

After that was the pampering session. Many people queued for the wax parafin. Nadia says it'll help make your hands smoother!

I did hand massage. I love massages!! I would do it everyday if massages aren't usually so expensive :(

Some had manicure sessions... but I didn't cos I had gel nails on.

Blurry picture with Fidelis! We are waiting for the other massages ^^

Shoulder massage! This one very shiok!! I WANT ONE NOW.

Peggy also want to shiok!! Haha sorry peggy I don't know how to edit away red skin :x

I waited super long for the leg massage cos they gave full-service (damn good!), but it was worth the wait!

Valerie brought her whole ring light set to the event and we were all trigger happy. hehehe. But my face damn bloated that day don't know why. Had a hard time doing major editing to these pics.

Me with pretty Clara from Nuffnang!

Me with Paige, Elise, Nadia, and the 4 of us!

With Elisa, also from Nuffnang.

And Valerie! Because of her ringlight, I bought one for myself too!

And this Huiwen!!!!!! She was the most trigger-happy one~! Hidden camwhore revealed~~

Need another pampering session soon!!

Pretty black dress from TheBlogShop :)