Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whisper Pampering Night

Last month, I attended the Whisper Pampering Night at Oosh with a few other bloggers and had a great time!

Speech by Cherie!

Firstly, we pampered ourselves to yummy dinner! The food that day was really good. I had two servings!

Then we played a game, spot the difference...
MY GROUP WON. *smug*

Special appearance by Paige Chua...

She's so pretty~~ And lucky Jacelyn, who won her 2nd prize for the night, by winning the Bingo game!

After that was the pampering session. Many people queued for the wax parafin. Nadia says it'll help make your hands smoother!

I did hand massage. I love massages!! I would do it everyday if massages aren't usually so expensive :(

Some had manicure sessions... but I didn't cos I had gel nails on.

Blurry picture with Fidelis! We are waiting for the other massages ^^

Shoulder massage! This one very shiok!! I WANT ONE NOW.

Peggy also want to shiok!! Haha sorry peggy I don't know how to edit away red skin :x

I waited super long for the leg massage cos they gave full-service (damn good!), but it was worth the wait!

Valerie brought her whole ring light set to the event and we were all trigger happy. hehehe. But my face damn bloated that day don't know why. Had a hard time doing major editing to these pics.

Me with pretty Clara from Nuffnang!

Me with Paige, Elise, Nadia, and the 4 of us!

With Elisa, also from Nuffnang.

And Valerie! Because of her ringlight, I bought one for myself too!

And this Huiwen!!!!!! She was the most trigger-happy one~! Hidden camwhore revealed~~

Need another pampering session soon!!

Pretty black dress from TheBlogShop :)

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