Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mcdonalds Chicken McGrill

When I heard that I was invited to this four-course food tasting event by Mcdonalds, I was curious.

First time see Mcdonalds set up until so nice!

Anyway I didn't bring my camera out this day and I was feeling so uncomfortable because usually when I go event I'll definitely bring my camera! Shawn's camera saved my day! Haha.

Star of the day - Chicken McGrill.

The other bloggers. Look at Silver, so camera-ready!!! Hahaha.

This small boy on the table next to us damn cute.

The one speaking is the creator of our 4-course meal.

We were entertained by a dance from the mcdonald staff!

First two courses had corn and I don't eat corn.... But I ate the salad although I usually don't eat raw veggies cos I damn hungry by then!

Finally main course arrive! The chicken mcgrill which will be in stores by 1st march.

Om nom nom

The staff were cheerful and with big smiles!

I like the dessert ^^

Picture with Shawn

Picture with Randy. ( What's that in my sleeve? I think I forgot to take out my tag -_-)

No pics with Ben cos he want no-flash picture and I look horrible in the pics without flash!

Love what Mcdonalds gave us afterwards! I wanted to buy when they launched it but in the end never. Lucky never buy! Ben collect until the left the last one only lor. Hahaha.

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