Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My dad, my mum, and the crab shell.

Mummy got us black pepper crab for supper!

She already ate outside with her friends so she went to watch her show in her room while me, sis and dad happily ate the yummy crab at dining room.

At the end of it, I saw my dad digging for meat inside the shell of the crab body (that big centre piece that has no meat).

He said that he was clearing the shell because my mum always collect crab shells (don't know for what....)

Me: "She got ask you to clean for her meh?"
Dad: "Never."
Me: "Huh! Then you ask first lah later clean for nothing."
Dad: "Nevermind lah..." *still concentrating on emptying the shell*
Me: "To surprise her??"
Dad: "Yaaaaa."
Me: "Is this a SWEET GESTURE??" (cos like he taking initiative)
Dad: "No lah. This is just in case later she ask me to dig it out from the rubbish bin."
Me: -___-

Lol. Almost choked on my water.

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