Tuesday, March 29, 2011



Flyers2011 is having a new service, promoting blogshops via flyers door-to-door distribution! The rates are super low, and outreach can range from 500 to 1500 homes!

For the month of April, they will be having a special package featuring.... me! Yep, by buying a package from them, they'll give you a free advertorial on my blog! It's really very worth it, considering that the price is actually lower than my standard advertorial rate. (they bought in bulk just for you ^^)

The packages include free designing and printing service too. The highest price is $100 only, quickly email flyers2011@live.com.sg to enquire for prices!

You can also customise your own packages with them. If this venture is successsful, they'll eventually branch out to other bloggers as well, helping you to get exposure via offline and online means!

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