Monday, March 28, 2011

Colours and polkadots

Want to see my new nail design?? :D

Tada! Cute right! Colourful and polkadots ^^ Love them very much!

Done at Millys.
Visit and book your appointment!

Went over to Cineleisure for Kbox! Bf found a super good deal. $6 per pax for 2 hours of singing, and it includes a drink. Kbox got so cheap before meh!!

SX singing bitter song I think. Hahaha.

Guess why this picture below so glowy. Cos my camera fogged up after I left the cabin! It was so cold inside our KTV room, lucky got blanket. But it had a nasty cigarette smell so SX refused to come near me :(

We went to Changi's Ubin restaurant after that cos he is treating his family and grandparents for dinner.

Had yummy dinner!
Lovely dress from :)

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