Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hatched... again!

Guess where me and SX went one fine morning!

Yep, we went to Hatched!!!!! I was craving for the breakfast there but there's no brunch places near the east so we had to travel all the way to Bukit Timah T_T Someone should really open a brunch place in the east, confirm will packed!

Woooo, yum yum. I always order Eggs Benedict if it's on the menu. However, this time the sauteed potatoes not as nice as the first time I went.

Poke poke~

This is SX's dish!

This oozy baked egg is damn yummy!!!!!! Cheese on top of egg!

SX wore one part of this couple shirt we got from and expected me to wear my part also. In the end I bailed out and wore my own floral dress from cos I knew we will be meeting his friends at the chalet later on and I don't want paisei!!! Lol.

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