Thursday, March 3, 2011

THE ring light.

I finally bought the RING LIGHT!

When more and more female bloggers started using it, I still didn't catch onto the wave. Until..... I went to an event the other night and Valerie brought her whole ring light set for us girls to camwhore. Immediately after that I decided to purchase it and TADA! I have it now!

Another reason why I was attracted to it was also because I always feel that my house didn't have sufficient lighting at night for my outfit photos. It always turn out grainy and dark, even if I use flash. And because my blog is heavy on blogshop adverts, outfit photo is something I cannot do without.

But the main reason is because ... nobody can take these photos for me. My mum's photography skill sucks. SX's skill is worse. My dad is super slow. Only my sister is good but must pay her for good attitude one. If not she'll always grumble when I ask her to help me take a few photos for free... Ended up I try to do self-timer shots most of the time but always fail miserably.

And so.... I splurged.
It's a big purchase for me because I seldom ever put so much money on one thing.

I bought it at Alan Photo at Simlim Square. They have a branch at Funan too.

I bought:
1 Ring light
1 Stand
1 Wireless Remote Control
1 Trigger + Wired Remote
for a total of $200+. I bargained abit, so I think I did get quite a good deal.

Daddy setting it up for me:

It was quite an impulse, spur-of-the-moment buy... so thanks load to Valerie for answering all my queries! Sorry to bother you on bbm the whole afternoon!

Nice anot? Pardon the messy hair, was so excited hehehe.
Guess I'd be camwhoring alot more now!

3 more pics taken with the ring light: Pic1, Pic2, Pic3

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