Wednesday, March 16, 2011



What does it remind you of???
It reminds me of those days when I was hooked on the online dancing game called AuditionSEA. You remember?? This song was one of the faster songs and my fave track in the game. I super love/hate doing the finishing move cos it feels so shuang but also the most difficult part! Wah damn fun. I even got to know one of my ex bf through this game -_- We played the couple dance lol.

I was so hooked that I was playing the game on the night before my Olevels/prelims! No wonder I had such bad grades.

Who else also played this game?? FUN RIGHT!
I'm not very pro but I'm very proud to say my skills was better than average ^^ In AuditionSea world, your attractiveness to the opposite gender is not your looks.... it's your skill. When you are damn good at it, ALL GUYS WANT TO MARRY YOU (ya got marry function one!)

Now cannot play liao la. Got gel nails extensions. Confirm lose. Lol.

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