Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Kind Couple

Today, I want to share about something amazing that happened over the weekend.

Last Saturday, I was out for brunch in the morning, then to Bukit Panjang Plaza to collect clothes from my apparel sponsor Earthdoll, shopped around for Dad's birthday present and headed home for the birthday dinner at J-pot afterwards. It was a yummy meal and after I finished, I took out my phone and received a notification from this guy called Jason on facebook.

The message says, "Please contact me at XXXXXXXX. I believe you lost something white and pink along XXXXXXX road."

My immediate reaction was, "Huh?" and then I realize I must have dropped something earlier that morning because he mentioned the location and it was near the brunch cafe. However, I had no idea what I dropped and couldn't recall anything that was white and pink although I do have many things that are white and pink. I thought it might be a pouch or something and replied, "Hi Jason, thanks for contacting me. May I know what it is?"

Then one minute later, I suddenly realize my camera is missing and quickly called the guy. Turned out I left my camera outside a florist near the area and totally forgot about it! I did not even realize it was missing until I received the Facebook message.

What's more amazing is, how did he manage to find me on Facebook??? I understand if it's a lost mobile phone with a list of contacts, but nope, it was a camera with only my photos! Apparently he and his girlfriend scrolled through my photos and there was one which had my name and bf's name so they searched us up on Facebook. (If I didn't take a photo of the photo album I did for bf on our two year anniversary or if I didn't put our names on the cover or if I didn't decide to gift a photo album to him, they wouldn't have been able to find us! How lucky! At first I thought it was the prata workshop certificates we took photo of that had our names, but I actually already deleted that photo off my cam on that very morning before it got lost!) 

I was really pleasantly surprised by the kindness and the extra mile this couple went to find me! Other people would probably just keep the camera since there's a low possibility of finding out how to contact the owner. I am really lucky and I feel so thankful!

Saturday, April 26, 2014


We have been wanting to picnic since way back but it never once materialized, till last weekend! And guess who we brought along.....? CHURPIE!!!! ^_^

So happy!!! As you can see I also brought my favourite doll 'Florence' along. Hehe. Couldn't decide between her or Churpie so I brought both out!

Anyway, on the way to our location, bf drove the wrong way and we ended up on a jammed expressway and had to go one big round before we reach our destination. As it was a rainy week, and the weather forecast stated that there would be thunderstorms late morning and early afternoon, I was extremely afraid that if we were late, we would not be able to even get an hour of fine weather! Luckily, it didn't rain the entire day!!!!!

Instead of preparing the food ourselves, we decided to buy them for convenience! We got these!

Bread and sandwiches from the bakery~ (as you can see I also brought my entire daiso flowers inventory from home too hahaha)

Fruits! Apples and grapes. I think grapes are PERFECT for picnics because it's so refreshing to munch on them!

This photo below taken by bf while the above taken by me. The apples in this photo look so much more juicy and yums! I conclude that he is indeed a better photographer than me. Either that, or he just has a better camera. Haha.

Other food include some Old Chang Kee snacks and a box of eclipse. We were extremely full at the end of it all!

Other items we brought along: Windmills, baskets, coloured tissue paper, book, ipad, and drinks! Remember to put sunblock before leaving the house!

Super love the cheery colors!

Feeding Florence grapes. Haha.

Love this photo that bf took for me! I saw him taking photos of the windmill but I know I'm in the background so I smiled for the photo. Nice leh!

The only photo we took together that day!

Actually at first I wasn't sure where we should picnic but if you ask me now, I would say East Coast Park! I thought that this place would be dirty and crowded but it was very quiet there! See, I even managed to take photos of our surroundings without anyone in the background. And it was a weekend! The best thing about East Coast Park is that there are many shady areas and it is very breezy throughout because we are near the sea. Only bad thing is there were lots of ants around but I guess any other place would be the same.

We chose a shady spot at first but after awhile the sun moved and we were in the sun but too lazy to move our picnic mat. Haha.

Florence has an apple!

Outfit for picnic~ Plain black top and denim!

Doesn't this photo below look like I'm far away holidaying in a nice beach resort? East Coast Park can be pretty too! Even though the sand is not perfectly fine and white, but it's still pretty enough compared to what I remembered it to be. It used to be dark brown and dirty but now it's nicer! Maybe I was just at the better side of the beach?

Thursday, April 24, 2014


What was your highlight of the week? Mine was seeing Jeanette Aw win Star Awards Favourite Female Character and Favourite Onscreen Couple with Qi Yu Wu for her role as Zhao Fei Er on The Dream Makers last weekend.

I am sure I'm not the only one who noticed how much chemistry both of them have as a long-time couple! And, I really liked how she portrayed the gradual change of her character, especially when the scenes are not acted in sequence!

Now, I just hope she will win Best Actress too! Even Zoe Tay is rooting for her to win!

Dress from LYRA MINN's latest collection.

While taking this photo, a fly kept hovering near my face and I was unable to smile properly at the camera (afraid that the fly will go into my mouth haha). Then, I saw a gigantic bee flying towards me and immediately ran away from the swing! Was wearing high heels and it was difficult to run on the uneven pathway too! Hahaha. In the end, for the beauty of the swing, I still went back there and forced a smile for some photos. Luckily the bee disappeared thereafter!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pretty Houses

So yesterday, after blogging about Haw Par Villa, I went to google "Villa" and I saw these beautiful mansions. SO PRETTY. When will I ever get to stay in one? Everytime I pass by wealthy districts in Singapore, I love to admire at the beauty of some houses and daydream about living in them some day. Which is your favourite among these?

Swimming pools are gorgeous during the day but extremely scary at night. Haha.

Ok lah no need so big, something like this one below also can! Hehehe. http://www.estherxie.com/2013/12/house.html

Monday, April 21, 2014

Haw Par Villa

After brunch at Hoopla, we went to Haw Par Villa!

Bf has been constantly pestering me to go there with him, to the point that whenever I ask for suggestions on where we should go for dates, he would bring up Haw Par Villa. To the point that I think he is slightly pissed with me for refusing to go again and again. Hahaha. So one fine day, I finally decided to be nice and agreed to go!

It rained that day and I was almost afraid that our plans would be ruined. Luckily the rain disappeared just as we entered the carpark!

My memories of Haw Par Villa was when I was still a kid, but I cannot remember if I did went back as an adult in recent years. Anyway, it was only this time that I realize the founders were related to the famous Tiger Balm Oil and the name of the Villa came from their names Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par. Haw and Par are respectively Tiger and Leopard in Chinese.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

March/April Updates

So much to do so little time!

Here's a random update with lots of pictures because I feel like rambling today!

First, let me tell you a joke my colleague sent to me the day before.

Ah Soh is filling up an application form for a job.
She supplied the information for the columns on Name, Age, Address etc.
Then she comes to column on "Salary Expected"
She is not sure of the question.
After much thought, she writes "Yes".

Recently got myself a new love - this pink Kate Spade bag. Love it very much! I have been very into bags recently, got myself at least 10 new ones in this month alone :x Okay, now I know why I am so poor :'( Gotta scrimp for the rest of the month!

Anyway, I really need to find a way to organize my bags properly in my closet. Currently they are all on top of each other and I really can't bear to do that to my new bags. Anyone knows anywhere I can buy some kind of bag shelving to be placed inside closets?

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Pardon the messy hair. This was the result of not going to the salon as frequently as I should. Haha.

I have been wearing this skirt from Femmex alot! It's not easy for me to find shorts/skirts that fits nicely on me so whenever I find one, I wear them repetitively and pair them with all sorts of tops! You will definitely see photos of this skirt on many of my future posts too. Haha.

The bag is an old one which I seldom use. Found it in my cupboard and rekindled my love for it. Haha. The material is so good and it's so spacious inside! I have been carrying small bags recently, it felt unusual too have so much empty space suddenly! Haha. I think there are water droplets on my bag in the photo above. It was raining that day! It seem to rain alot during the weekends these days.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Park with the girls

Hello people!

I've been terribly obsessed with shopping lately, I think someone needs to freeze my card. I kept buying bags, tops, skirts, and dresses non-stop!! It's not like I'm earning a lot, so this impulsive-spending habit is bad! Sadly, I also misjudged my size and bought a few pieces which cannot fit, so I'm wondering what to do with them now.

The increasing weight must be due to me eating out a lot! Fidelis recently invited us along for a food tasting at Park. I went to Park once before and remembered that the food was quite good, so I was looking forward to go again!

Park is located right outside Holland Village MRT station. I took the MRT that day and it was easier than expected to locate the restaurant, which was in the middle of a big grass patch, separated from rows of shops beside.

Nice photo of Carrie, Nadia and Fidelis in front of Park. Most of the photos in this entry are from Carrie's awesome DSLR! Love the crisp and clear images :)

A group photo of us!

We were served Premium Wild Berries Cider and Pear Cider. It is a light and refreshing drink for a hot afternoon.

I had my fave brunch drink - Cafe Latte. It was so good I had to stop myself from ordering a second cup.

Spam Chips and Truffle Fries to start our meal. The Spam Chips were tasty and crispy, a good treat for any day! Unfortunately, I was still recovering from my wisdom tooth surgery then, so I only managed to swallow down one piece. The Truffle Fries were a delight and we finished the whole bucket.

I had the Eggs Benedict during my previous visit and recalled it to be a quite a feast and indeed it was!

Duo Pork Belly, probably what I would order if I visit again. Two different styles of pork belly on a plate - tender braised and crispy roast. I highly recommend this!

Another good one - Grilled Portobello. Love the juiciness and delicious stuffing inside!

Truffle Mac and Cheese. Everyone on the table gave thumbs up for its creaminess.

We were stuffed by then but the dessert came anyway. The Tiramisu and Chocolate Pancakes is definitely a crowd-pleaser and a perfect ending to our meal!

Bf came to pick me up shortly after. For OOTD pics of this day, refer to my previous entry!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

2nd Year Anniversary

After Universal Studios, we got changed and went for dinner! Bf made reservations earlier but refused to tell me which restaurant he chose till the day itself. The only hint he told me was "nice view", and "dress nicely". Haha.

So happy when he told me he was bringing me to Salt Grill!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chrome Hearts

Did my nails at MILLYS again! Decided to venture out of my usual "floral" style and tried a darker design this time! I have been seeing a lot of Chrome Hearts inspired nails on my instagram feed since early this year and was tempted many times but always got won over by other designs at the last minute.

Anyway, at the salon I decided to customize my own Chrome Hearts nail design! That's the wonderful thing about Chrome Hearts. Although they all look the same overall, it's very difficult to find two exact same designs because there are so many elements to choose from!

Even for colors, I could choose between black x silver, black x gold, black x red, black x blue, etc. I decided to have all black base with silver embellishments except for one finger which will be silver glitter base!

I had two fingers on each hand drawn with white lines on black base, and studs on the rest. Super in love with my design!!!! My nails are not big enough but if they are, I would put round studs around the finger so that it looks more glam!

I seriously feel that Gelish is an awesome invention! I no longer have to wait around for my nails to dry, and I get to have my pretty designs last longer! And, for this set it cost only approximately $70 - $80. Super worth it!

To make an appointment, call the following branches!
Bugis Street Level 2: 63384137
Far East Plaza Level 3: 67376723

Website: www.millys.org

Hair and Lash Extensions are also available at MILLYS, so do visit the website to find out more!