Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chrome Hearts

Did my nails at MILLYS again! Decided to venture out of my usual "floral" style and tried a darker design this time! I have been seeing a lot of Chrome Hearts inspired nails on my instagram feed since early this year and was tempted many times but always got won over by other designs at the last minute.

Anyway, at the salon I decided to customize my own Chrome Hearts nail design! That's the wonderful thing about Chrome Hearts. Although they all look the same overall, it's very difficult to find two exact same designs because there are so many elements to choose from!

Even for colors, I could choose between black x silver, black x gold, black x red, black x blue, etc. I decided to have all black base with silver embellishments except for one finger which will be silver glitter base!

I had two fingers on each hand drawn with white lines on black base, and studs on the rest. Super in love with my design!!!! My nails are not big enough but if they are, I would put round studs around the finger so that it looks more glam!

I seriously feel that Gelish is an awesome invention! I no longer have to wait around for my nails to dry, and I get to have my pretty designs last longer! And, for this set it cost only approximately $70 - $80. Super worth it!

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Bugis Street Level 2: 63384137
Far East Plaza Level 3: 67376723


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