Thursday, April 17, 2014


Pardon the messy hair. This was the result of not going to the salon as frequently as I should. Haha.

I have been wearing this skirt from Femmex alot! It's not easy for me to find shorts/skirts that fits nicely on me so whenever I find one, I wear them repetitively and pair them with all sorts of tops! You will definitely see photos of this skirt on many of my future posts too. Haha.

The bag is an old one which I seldom use. Found it in my cupboard and rekindled my love for it. Haha. The material is so good and it's so spacious inside! I have been carrying small bags recently, it felt unusual too have so much empty space suddenly! Haha. I think there are water droplets on my bag in the photo above. It was raining that day! It seem to rain alot during the weekends these days.

We went to Hoopla for brunch! It's located at a quiet industrial area.

What we ordered:

Bf had coffee and for the first time, he didn't yawn that day. Usually he is like a yawning-machine but that day he was energized. I have decided that I'm gonna feed him coffee at the start of all our dates.

I had baked eggs. Wasn't as good as the one I loved so much in Hatched. Hatched's version was egg and cheese. In Hoopla's version, the sauce overwhelmed the eggs and I didn't like that it was beany. Bf loved it though.

What I do love, was the chicken poppers!!!! It was crispy and yummy outside, though the flavour didn't really went into the meat, but still an enjoyable snack! Tasted almost like salt-pepper-fried-calamari-rings.

Bf's breakfast platter of scrambled eggs, mushroom, potatoes, toast and sausage.

Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen is located at Infinite Studios, 21 Media Circle #01-05 Singapore 138562.

After the delightful meal, we had a trigger-happy time at the park downstairs, which had loads of pretty lush background for nice photos!

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