Monday, April 14, 2014

Park with the girls

Hello people!

I've been terribly obsessed with shopping lately, I think someone needs to freeze my card. I kept buying bags, tops, skirts, and dresses non-stop!! It's not like I'm earning a lot, so this impulsive-spending habit is bad! Sadly, I also misjudged my size and bought a few pieces which cannot fit, so I'm wondering what to do with them now.

The increasing weight must be due to me eating out a lot! Fidelis recently invited us along for a food tasting at Park. I went to Park once before and remembered that the food was quite good, so I was looking forward to go again!

Park is located right outside Holland Village MRT station. I took the MRT that day and it was easier than expected to locate the restaurant, which was in the middle of a big grass patch, separated from rows of shops beside.

Nice photo of Carrie, Nadia and Fidelis in front of Park. Most of the photos in this entry are from Carrie's awesome DSLR! Love the crisp and clear images :)

A group photo of us!

We were served Premium Wild Berries Cider and Pear Cider. It is a light and refreshing drink for a hot afternoon.

I had my fave brunch drink - Cafe Latte. It was so good I had to stop myself from ordering a second cup.

Spam Chips and Truffle Fries to start our meal. The Spam Chips were tasty and crispy, a good treat for any day! Unfortunately, I was still recovering from my wisdom tooth surgery then, so I only managed to swallow down one piece. The Truffle Fries were a delight and we finished the whole bucket.

I had the Eggs Benedict during my previous visit and recalled it to be a quite a feast and indeed it was!

Duo Pork Belly, probably what I would order if I visit again. Two different styles of pork belly on a plate - tender braised and crispy roast. I highly recommend this!

Another good one - Grilled Portobello. Love the juiciness and delicious stuffing inside!

Truffle Mac and Cheese. Everyone on the table gave thumbs up for its creaminess.

We were stuffed by then but the dessert came anyway. The Tiramisu and Chocolate Pancakes is definitely a crowd-pleaser and a perfect ending to our meal!

Bf came to pick me up shortly after. For OOTD pics of this day, refer to my previous entry!

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