Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Kind Couple

Today, I want to share about something amazing that happened over the weekend.

Last Saturday, I was out for brunch in the morning, then to Bukit Panjang Plaza to collect clothes from my apparel sponsor Earthdoll, shopped around for Dad's birthday present and headed home for the birthday dinner at J-pot afterwards. It was a yummy meal and after I finished, I took out my phone and received a notification from this guy called Jason on facebook.

The message says, "Please contact me at XXXXXXXX. I believe you lost something white and pink along XXXXXXX road."

My immediate reaction was, "Huh?" and then I realize I must have dropped something earlier that morning because he mentioned the location and it was near the brunch cafe. However, I had no idea what I dropped and couldn't recall anything that was white and pink although I do have many things that are white and pink. I thought it might be a pouch or something and replied, "Hi Jason, thanks for contacting me. May I know what it is?"

Then one minute later, I suddenly realize my camera is missing and quickly called the guy. Turned out I left my camera outside a florist near the area and totally forgot about it! I did not even realize it was missing until I received the Facebook message.

What's more amazing is, how did he manage to find me on Facebook??? I understand if it's a lost mobile phone with a list of contacts, but nope, it was a camera with only my photos! Apparently he and his girlfriend scrolled through my photos and there was one which had my name and bf's name so they searched us up on Facebook. (If I didn't take a photo of the photo album I did for bf on our two year anniversary or if I didn't put our names on the cover or if I didn't decide to gift a photo album to him, they wouldn't have been able to find us! How lucky! At first I thought it was the prata workshop certificates we took photo of that had our names, but I actually already deleted that photo off my cam on that very morning before it got lost!) 

I was really pleasantly surprised by the kindness and the extra mile this couple went to find me! Other people would probably just keep the camera since there's a low possibility of finding out how to contact the owner. I am really lucky and I feel so thankful!

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