Friday, February 28, 2014


Some time back, bf asked if I wanted to visit the 2 Degree Ice Art Exhibit because he was quite keen but I was like, "Don't want lah, boring one." I just don't think that looking at ice sculptures is interesting at all! Haha.

Few months later though, I finally agreed to go. I was thinking, why not? I have never been to any cold places besides Genting, so maybe it would be a good experience to feel how -15°C is like!

Actually I totally underestimated how cold it would be, and I initially wore a knee-length dress. Before I got into bf's car, I asked him, "Erm, you think wear like this can or not ah? You think I should wear jeans?" He said, "I think you better put on jeans." I still answer, "Huh, but don't match my dress!" LUCKILY IN THE END I DID BECAUSE IT'S FREEZING COLD!

But I still wore the wrong heel -_- I wore an open-toe one and in the end my poor toes were really suffering in the cold. Should have worn sneakers! Heels was okay on the carpeted area but near the slide was very slippery and I almost fell down.

The place is smaller than I expected though. The sculptures are all the famous landmarks around the world!

Rare nice photo of both of us :)

There are scheduled snow-fall timings and I thought it would be the snowing around the whole exhibit from the ceiling but no actually they just use a machine to blow out the snow at a designated area for a short while. But still quite fun!

Slide area. Quite scary leh. Hahaha. When I took the first ice slide I went down myself slowly but when I went on second around later on, a staff pushed me down and I went down so fast. Lol. I was never the brave kid. I remember as a kid I used to go up on playgrounds and if the slide was too wide/steep, I would u-turn and climb back down the stairs. Hahaha!

Took me awhile to gather my courage before I finally went down on this slide in a float! There was a bump at the centre so the float would slightly jump up so it was quite frightening too! Once is enough for me hahaha.

Another nice photo of us!

Afterwards we went to the Ice Bar next door.

Coldness again! Icy furniture!

We ordered these.
1. Drinks in Ice Mugs. We didn't want beer so we ordered normal drinks and top up $3 for ice mugs so that we can throw them against the wall after drinking. Is this cheap thrill or expensive thrill? Haha.
2. Tender tofu.
3. Pizza.
4. Wings Obsession Platter. We did expect the food to be overpriced here but this one is ridiculous. The menu stated "Wings platter with homemade braised wings, classic fried wings, and signature shrimp-paste wings, served with classic golden fries" Three different type of wings, but end up I only tasted 1 flavour, plus there wasn't even any fries! Also, just 4 chicken wings, so means $6 for each? When we asked them about the braised wings and fries, the staff just told us that they ran out of braised wings that day (it was only noon), and fries is actually not supposed to be included although it's written on the menu. Even if this was the reason, why didn't they point it out to us when we were ordering? Shouldn't they mention that fries was not included and one of the flavour was not available? Looking at the menu now, we should have just ordered Classic wings which is $15. But judging from how each wing is $6 on the platter, I guess the Classic Wings only has 2 pieces. Haha. $7.50 each?

We bought the photo to keep!

My initial outfit before I put on some leggings. This was the dress that bf gave for one of my valentines gift!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

River Hongbao

Back with another CNY entry!

My family and I went to visit River Hongbao at Marina Bay during the CNY period. It was super duper warm that day and the sun was scorching!

Love this photo of us although you can't really see the faces. Haha.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Necessary Provisions // Lynn's Bake

(Blogged this with a terrible headache. Sorry if I sound incoherent! Haha)

One fine day, bf decided to ask his friend to join us for lunch at this place he recently found online.

It was a drama-ful day. This was what happened.

The plan was supposedly this - I would go pray with my family in the morning and meet him there after we are done, then drive to the lunch destination with his friend.

Early in the morning, I sat on a wooden chair and kena cut on my ankle because I accidentally brushed against an invisible splinter.

Afterwards, my family and I took our own sweet time to prepare and didn't manage to get out of the house according to the time we planned. Then, we waited a long time for a cab.

By the time we were done, of course we were behind time! Bf came to fetch me and when we reached..... the restaurant's kitchen just stopped taking in orders for lunch :( I think we were only 1 minute past the last order timing!

So, we decided to go to the nearby Grandstand to see what we can eat. I was craving for brunch as it was supposedly our initial lunch plan. But..... Grandstand/Pasarbella had none of that. I remembered that M.A.D had some good eggs benedict, but it was past their lunch hour already....

Bf went to check online and we decided to head to Necessary Provisions, since it sounded like a cafe and from the reviews, it looked like that was a high chance they would have brunch food. So we went into the car again and drove there.

Nope, no such luck.

Not only there was no brunch food, the menu was very limited. Only 4 sandwich mains. I chose the chicken dish, but it was sold out. The rest is either Beef, or Tuna or Tomato. I don't eat beef and I hate tuna and raw tomato. Besides these, there are only choice of 2 other bread dishes, granola, or scones, which are more of breakfast/teabreak than lunch.

At this point I was like, "What a day!!!!"

Bf forgot to bring his camera too, and my phone was running out of battery. I was too tired to move again, so we just ordered two mains for them and I decided to just eat some sides and have a drink. The boys remembered passing by a cafe called Lynn's Bake before entering Necessary Provisions, so bf went to check out their menu and YES, they have pasta with ingredients that I can eat! The boys suggested that we go over to Lynn's Bake after they have their mains so that I can have the pasta while they have some desserts.

Things got better from here onwards!


Despite my earlier disappointment at the limited menu and moody staff, the food was not too bad!

I must say the coffee was really good!

Toast with Cashew Butter and Jam ($4).

Banana Nutella Panini ($5)
Love the combination and the bread was crispy enough! Love this one!

They both said their beef dish was delicious!

The place is quite dark and more of communal dining. It reminds me of Chye Seng Huat Cafe!

After that we went to Lynn's Bake and it definitely felt very angelic and peaceful compared to the edgy and hip vibe at Necessary Provisions.

We ordered Rainbow Cake ($8.50). My first time eating a real slice of rainbow cake! Love the vivid colors!

My prawn pasta *satisfied*
Very yummy, although it would be better if the pasta wasn't Linguine. ($14)

Hot fries~ ($5)

I liked the cozy feel of the cafe and the friendly staff there :) Highly recommended~!

End off with outfit photo:

Friday, February 21, 2014

Review: Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream + Giveaway!

Previously during our staycation, Fidelis and Carrie whipped out their Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream which got me interested (I am always keen to try out products which can hydrate because my skin is the very dry type!), so Fidelis went back and managed to get me a few tubs!

Read on + giveaway at the end of this entry!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CNY Gathering with Nuffies

On CNY day 4, I continued the festive mood with this pink floral dress! If you noticed, it's actually the same dress as what I wore on CNY day 2 except different color! Haha.

So anyway, it was time to start work again but I wasn't feeling the blues because after work was Mookata at Dempsey with Nuffies and other bloggers! Every year, Nuffnang would organize a CNY dinner and this year was no different.

In case you are wondering why I dressed up for a hot and sticky affair of mookata, I didn't know we were going to have that! Idle bistro sounds like a place that serves western food right?!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines 2014

"It is a risk to love. What if it doesn't work out? Ah, but what if it does."

On Valentines day, he picked me up after work, with a surprise bouquet at the back of the car :) He always knew I liked receiving flowers, but this was the first time he gave me one after so long together. It's so pretty!

We had some time before dinner so we went to this open field facing a river near Marina Bay area. It's such a breezy, quiet, nice place and we took some photos with the flowers.

Dinner was at The Royal Mail, located at Ascott Raffles. We didn't know about the existence of this restaurant until days before Valentines! It's really quite a hidden gem.

Amuse Bouche.

Chilled Tomato Consomme.

Trio of Fresh Oysters. Can't believe I actually tried the oysters! I never liked oysters and it is one of the things I don't eat at all. However, two of these (lemongrass & chilli gelee, lemon & tabasco) surprised me well although the last one (pomegranate gelee) reminded me why I hated oysters. Haha. Well, at least I tried!

My main: Seared Duck Breast.

His main: Roast Prime Rib

Pink Romance. Love this sweet macaroon with raspberries!

Our favourite dish has to be this White Chocolate and Passionfruit dessert. It's one of the best I have ever had! We finished everything although we were already feeling very full. Haha.

Some tea and sweets to end the dinner :)

Photo with the boy! Love the ambiance of this place and I highly recommend it for dates. Although prices are marked up for Valentines Day, the prices for normal days are actually quite ok for their quality!

I remember how it was a leap of faith when I started going out with him. It was a choice between the familiar or the unknown. And I chose the unknown.

I am still unsure if my decision was the right one, but time will tell.

Our relationship is simple, nothing romantic nor especially sweet. At certain points of our relationship, I questioned if this was what I wanted. Sometimes, I felt emptiness, like there was something missing. After all, I always felt that "Unless it's a fiery, mad, extraordinary love, everything else is a waste of time." However, over time, I learnt to accept the way we are, treasure the little things and cherished the peaceful happiness I felt with him.

We are a comfortable couple and our characters complement each other. But despite that, I felt that we weren't as close as I hoped it could be. We meet almost every alternate day, went on dates at least once a week, we messaged and spoke everyday, but emotionally, I never felt that I knew or understood him very well. I am an open book, but he isn't.

I don't think I have ever felt really sad with him, but I don't think I was extremely happy all the time either. We seldom ever quarrel, and when we did, it was only minor disagreements which would end with one of us changing the subject.

I seldom feel angry for long around him because he has his ways of cheering me up. But most of the time, I feel like we are only sweeping our issues under the carpet as though it would disappear on its own. All those character differences added up and only recently, we had our first major fall out after almost two smooth-sailing years together. This was then we had a talk about how being open and honest is extremely important in a relationship, and being just-fine is not enough. We conclude that we really need to stop being too complacent, and gave ourselves a chance to start afresh and work on this relationship the right way before our love wilt completely without us knowing. We are still trying, and I hope all the effort will be worth it. After all, I can only hope that fate would be kind to me, isn't it? Anything can happen, with him, or with anyone else. This is the second leap of faith.

What I really want to know is, what was the biggest hurdle other strong relationships ever had to go through?

He gave me this box! What's inside?

It was all these, plus a dress! After taking out the dress I couldn't squeeze it back into the little box. I wonder how he did it!

Another hello kitty plushie!

And......... my first little blue box!

Love it very very very much! ^_^

Love is all you need.
Happy Valentines Day! :)