Thursday, February 13, 2014

CNY 2014

Time to blog about Chinese New Year this year else I'd forget everything soon!

How has the new lunar year been for me so far?

Apparently every single zodiac board out there claimed that those born in the Horse Year are gonna have a bad year this year.

Wahlao my last good year was 2009 I think. That was so many years back! When am I going to finally have a good year?!?! 

So yep, it's only less than a month into the new lunar year and things haven't been going very well for me. But I am keeping a positive mindset and still have hope that everything will turn out well! The zodiac readings also said that this year will be a year of change. I presume they meant bad changes.... BUT!!! I am trying to believe that it's gonna be all GOOD changes. I must focus on good thoughts!

On Lunar Eve, we had our steamboat reunion dinner at home! You know how some families have "yongtaufu and veggies" as their main for steamboats and some families have "meats" as main for steamboats, I am glad mine is the latter! Even the yongtaufu items were stuffed with minced meat! Haha. Too much food we had loads of leftovers. But I was the 2nd last one on the table! Only because dad (the last one) paused midway to pour drinks for guests. So actually I think I ate the most!

On Day One, it should be a cheery day so I wore the most floral-ly dress I prepared for Chinese New Year. It was a day of visiting around the island. First from Pasir Ris to Commonwealth, then another part of Commonwealth, then Yewtee, then Woodlands, then Bugis then finally home. Feet was so painful from the new wedges!

I tried to have as many new items on me as possible! New dress, new bag from Earthdoll, new necklace from Femmex, new wallet bought ages ago but not used yet, heels bought ages ago but not worn yet and a pink iPhone cover! The wallet's zip broke within days!

My cheeky cousin wishes you all GONG XI FA CAI! Haha.

At night we had abalone with instant noodles. Shiok! If having a happy day on cny day one means a happy year throughout, does having abalone on day one means I will get to eat abalone for the rest of the year? :D

Outfit for CNY day 2! Probably the nicest dress out of the three days. Love this dress so much I bought it in two colours! I liked the cutting and vivid blue.

Bf came over to bai-nian to my parents in the morning, and then drove me to his father's company where his family and relatives were. He made breakfast because we were expecting late lunch! It's actually sunny side up on toast, plus scrambled eggs sandwiches!

His dad hired a lion dance troupe as usual. To be honest, I've never liked watching lion dance..... Moreover, one that went on for more than an hour! After that we went back to his house for late lunch and right after that we had a last minute decision to watch The Lion Men and bf quickly drove me home and pick up my family to downtown east and we reached just in time when the movie start! Spontaneous!

I don't look good in this photo but it has been quite some time since I took a photo with him so post lor. Haha.

After that was yummy dinner at aunt's place. U know what I love about cny? All the good food!!!!!!

Day 3 was good food again!!!

My family and grandparents :)


Pig intestine which I didn't try at all. Nope, not a fan.

Pen cai! Only 5 abalone on top, they all took one piece each and I almost thought I don't have! But got lah, it's just buried under everything else. Haha.

I LOVE FISH! This fish was very meaty and yummy!

Afterwards we went to watch our 2nd CNY movie!

Outfit for Day 3.

CNY this year was really breezy! Whenever take ootd shots must wait for the wind to stop for afew seconds then faster snap!

This happened while I was trying to take a photo of myself. Sudden strong gush of wind. HAHA They say photo must got wind effect then nice right. This one really got wind effect!!

Love day 3 because it was a packed but not rush day. AND, we didn't have to go visiting. Haha. Guests came over to our house at night for steamboat and gambling and I lost the most amount of money on the table. A grand total of $18! The rest only lost a couple of dollars! The banker won all my money!

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