Monday, February 10, 2014

A typical date day

So... this post was supposed to be up quite a while back but I wasn't too interested to post this up because its actually just food, my ootd photo, then food again. It was so way back that I don't really remember much of this day too.

I lost my photos of this day when I lost my memory card. These photos were all from bf's camera. Since they looked quite nice, shall post some up and not waste the photos!

This place had a limited menu and most of the dishes had beef, which I couldn't eat. Ended up with pasta although I am not a very pasta person. Don't really remember whether it tasted good or bad, but I did feel quite deprived of meat. I cannot live without meat! Any meal without meat just feels..... empty. Bf had some  beef curry thingy sizzling in stone pot and it looked so good, except that it was beef.

Souffle, pretty little thing.

I think things were simple but complete back then.... Things weren't perfect, but it was perfect enough. At least, I was happy with how contented and peaceful I felt.

I learnt that people aren't always what they seem to be, and people you know for a long time may turn out to be completely different from what you have always perceived them to be. I have been observing people a lot more, wondering about everyone's hidden stories. I'm counting my blessings, for things could have been worse.

Many things I achieved in life, I didn't seek out to do it. It all just happened. I didn't have to fight for it, so when I lose things that I did not get on my own, I realize I do not know how to get it back. I always thought I was a strong person, but recent happenings made me feel that I'm actually just as weak as everyone else. I let fate drag me along, I left it all to fate because I have no control. For the first time ever, I understood the meaning of "Ignorance is Bliss".

Perhaps I'm not brave enough to fight this war. Maybe I'm trying to avoid the cold hard truth. Perhaps I'm afraid to face reality. Maybe I just prefer to pretend everything's fine. When it's obviously not. Deep in my heart I know this decision is wrong. I hope it's not.

Thankful for certain awesome people who have been caring and loving to me, for they make my days brighter. Things may never be the same again, but I do hope for happiness, blessings, and peace for every day after.


Everyone thought it was a two-piece but it is actually a one-piece dress from EARTHDOLL! I love how pretty the pastel florals go with the bold colors at the bottom. Casual yet dressed up, it's easily suitable for any day. Paired it with my latest favourite bag from HURS. The neutral color and simple design of this bag makes it versatile to match with almost any outfit! I had to make a conscious effort to stop myself from always carrying this bag because I didn't want my OOTD photos to have all the same bag!

I think we went to watch a movie or something. I love watching movies. Movies are gateways to another life, we feel the emotions of the lead characters, and I always leave at the end of a good movie with lots of thoughts in my head.

Afterwards, was time for dinner! We settled at a random Japanese restaurant in Paragon. Photo of gyoza only cos the rest of the photos were quite yellowish.

"Pain is only what you allow it to be.", I kept reminding myself.

We cannot change history, but we can create the future. If every setback is a blessing in disguise, I hope this is one that makes us stronger.

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