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Genting 2013

Right after Christmas in Singapore, my family went to Genting again for the second time in 2013. To be honest, I was not up for it when they went to make the booking because we have just been up there in March, but in the days leading up to the holiday, I was quite looking forward to the much-needed rest.

Before I start blogging about the four days in Genting, let me tell you what happened AFTER the trip. I fell terribly sick. Day One and Day Two were great fun and good food but by Day Three I was battling with the cold. I do not usually have issues with sleeping in Genting, but this time I felt quite uncomfortable. I woke up every morning with painful cramps probably due to wrong positioning through the night. Then on the long ride home, I got a seat which had aircon blowing directly at my head throughout the day. The aircon cannot be closed. At that point, I already knew I was going to be very sick because since young, I cannot have wind blowing at me directly, especially for long hours. Sigh.

Before the trip, me and bf took leave on the day after I return for our date, but I totally regretted that decision. I was initially looking forward to it very much but sadly I was too sick to enjoy at all. Wasted one annual leave. Then, the next day was New Year's Eve, which was a half day at work but I was too sick to get out of the house. Hence, I wasted another Medical Leave. And, I am scratching all over right now because of my allergies to Panadol.

That's not all. I LOST MY CAMERA'S MEMORY CARD. Four days worth of photos plus some from before the trip. It is a big loss to me and I feel extremely sad about it. I don't remember where I might have misplaced it and I actually spent an entire day trying to find it around the house but nope, CAN'T FIND IT. I took so many photos and they are gone just like that! Don't understand how a memory card can disappear into thin air. At first I was quite sure I brought it home, but after trying to remember and remember, I can't even be sure about that anymore.

Perhaps I should count my blessings that I had transferred some photos from my camera to my phone for instagram posting before I came back, so I still have some photos for this entry. In addition, I got sis to send me some of the photos she took on her phone. But still, I am feeling very sad because she only took afew photos and doesn't have everything I shot. I totally regret not transferring more photos into my phone!

Am blogging this now because I am afraid without photographic evidence, I might forget many of the details of our trip! Hopefully I can find the memory card one day soon! Seriously, how can one be terribly sick AND lose memory card together? I am feeling extremely sad while writing this entry :( Don't even have mood for the new year countdown! (Wrote this entry on New Year's Eve)


As usual, we got on our coach in the morning and highlight of the morning was that I dropped my spectacles while eating a bowl of Mee Soto in Yong Peng. Haha. My spectacles are really loose I ought to change to a new one soon! Nowadays I just have to bend my head down and it would drop to the ground.

First World Hotel didn't change any bit. Still the same.

For dinner, we had a sumptuous feast at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant, highly recommended by my uncle. Yep, for this trip we went with my grandparents and uncle's family. The best part of this trip was having our baby cousins Isaac and Sophie. They are such cute kids! ^_^

We had Deep-fried Fish Filet wrapped with Vermicelli, Braised Shark's Fin with Crab Meat in Claypot, Stewed Fresh Abalone with Goose Web, Prawn With Superior Soup, Whole Roasted Suckling Pig, Fried Rice with Scallop & Egg White, and Dessert!

A piece for each person! Yum yum!

Wore a thin denim jacket for the first night and it was quite okay, although I slightly regretted not bringing something thicker like what my sister is wearing below! Anyway, I realize most of the photos I managed to salvage are all of me and my sister's face only -_-


The next day, we wanted to head down to Kuala Lumpur but the initial taxi company we approached had some attitude problem. Initially they quoted RM60 per vehicle and we agreed. Then suddenly, the price increased to RM80 after seeing that we have a foldable pram with us. But even if they were to charge the extra RM20 for the pram, why is it that the other vehicle that had no pram had to be charged RM80 too? Uncle wasn't pleased that they just changed the price anyhow after we had already agreed, so we went down to another taxi company but that company quoted RM100 per vehicle! Apparently they had already received news from the other taxi company and one of the person sitting in the office is the same one as the previous company we went to. We decided not to head down to Kuala Lumpur then. The taxi drivers seem to give a kind of attitude like they don't want to earn money.

We then had dimsum at Good Friends Restaurant, highly recommended by my grandfather. We had eight adults and 2 kids. We ordered around 3 baskets of each item. The waitress had to ask if we can finish.... I thought we ordered too little! Indeed, we had to order more in the end. Haha.

Afterwards was FUN TIME! The outdoors theme park is currently undergoing demolition and a new theme park will be up in 2016. So happy that we had played at the outdoors theme park one last time earlier this year!

How the outdoor theme park looks like now:

Because outdoors is not available, we got tickets for indoors theme park! There are limited rides though. Brought our little cousin to play on the kiddy rides first.

Us on a slow ride which ended faster than the time we took to queue.

Then afterwards we played the more thrilling rides. Again and again and again!

Me and my sis and a random stranger on a ride.

For one of the rides we purposely queue and waited for a first row seat as I wanted to take a point-of-view video but guess what..... I realize I did not know how to use the video function on my camera just as the ride started moving!!! I panicked and then quickly took out my mobile phone but by then it was too late, I only managed to capture the final parts of the ride. Did not get to try again because we were rushing for our midnight movie already! Okay lah, not really midnight movie because it starts at 11pm, but "midnight movie" sounds cooler. Hahaha. Anyway, the seats there are separated by premium seats and normal seats. The premium seats are actually just 2-3 rows of normal seats located at the back of the theater. The difference is that with a top up of RM5, there is a drink, a tub of popcorn and snack for each person! So value for money! RM5 = SGD2 ONLY LEH. If there is such scheme in Singapore I confirm always buy premium! Haha. The popcorn is not even small, it's even enough for two to share!

Rewind a little bit, for dinner that night we had buffet at our favourite place - Coffee Terrace. This time it's so much better because there are free candy floss and many varieties of ice cream! On Day One, just before dinner we saw a shop selling candy floss and pop corn and really wanted to buy but didn't as dinner was just round the corner. Then at night, I also saw some icecream which I was tempted to buy. In the end ALL THREE I got to eat "free" that day :D

Speaking of food, every time I go to Genting, I get tempted to eat their tea eggs whenever I see it boiling in their pots! We spotted one at 1 for RM2, but we bought from another shop at 5 for RM7! So cheap~!!! I also saw another shop selling Grilled Chicken Wings, 2 for RM4. That's like, SGD0.75 for each wing! Where to find such good deal in Singapore?!


This was the day I started feeling sick. I should have brought thicker clothes! And to think on Day Two I was feeling fine with my dress and legs revealed. I even told myself to just wear a dress next time, not need to wear pants. Day Three and Day Four proved me wrong because the weather became very cold!

In the morning, we went over to my uncle's hotel room for a little "photoshoot" session. A long time back when we were kids, our uncle made us do ridiculous poses in Genting's hotel room while the adults are at the casino. Now we are all adults, we tried to recreate the looks!

I needed to find a similar outfit for the shoot, but seriously, where on earth can you find an ORANGE AND WHITE STRIPED long sleeve top and long pants now?!?! Haha. Luckily, I have an ugly orange tee and orange boxers which I wear at home to substitute. Don't look alike at all, but that's the closest I have to the photos!

Here are the photos. I seriously don't know how to redo that blur look!

Against the Genting hotel room curtain. Nobody to take the place of my ex-maid!

Uncle replacing my maid.

It was extremely cold that day, but luckily we had starbucks latte! Now I know why people in cold countries always hold a Starbucks cup in their hands. It's really effective in keeping ourselves warm!

More photos from the day of walking around doing nothing much.

Check out the cold, thick fog! I had to wear mum's jacket if not I cannot walk out!

That night, we had Kimchi Ramen for supper. To be accurate, Kimchi Cup Noodles. Haha.


I was so excited to go back to the warmth of Singapore but sadly, I got a stupid seat (scroll up and read top of this entry).

On the way back, there was a massive jam in Johor. I sent bf this photo and he replied, "Woah, Snowflakes??" HAHA. Totally missing the point lor!

Some people went down the bus to pee at the nearby drains in full view of everyone. Saw some other people also went down their cars to pee. After we moved further up, we saw two bunch of people who were trying to find their cars between the many cars. Omg, how to find in such a jam??!

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