Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Teck Teochew Porridge

So last week while I was having a terrible time with my painful wisdom tooth, I was not in the mood to go out and have brunch food or all my other favorite food at all. Bf brought me to have Teck Teochew Porridge after reading good reviews about it online.

At that point in time, it was already a week since I had porridge everyday because I can't eat anything else that requires biting and I actually slimmed down a little after the forced-diet. However, after this meal, I immediately gained back all the fats I lost :(

Anyway, I recommend this place for everyone who is having a toothache. If we have to eat porridge, eat good and yummy porridge!

At first I was kinda disappointed that the variety is not as wide as compared to other teochew porridge stalls I went to before. But then I realize that most of their items are on the menu and cook-upon-order! So the choices are actually quite satisfying.

Introducing my favorite fish that day..... DUCK MEAT. It's SO SO SO good and came piping hot because of the sauce. I couldn't bite into the meat and had to swallow each piece but it was so worth it. I am missing the duck meat right now. I want it right now. NOW.

Another dish that deserves the thumbs up is the pork trotters. The meat is soft and tender and tasty. I think this store really does their lor-chup well.

Minced meat fried egg which was fried on the spot. This can never go wrong with porridge. Plus, it's one of the things that can be easily swallowed without biting.

Fried potato leaves with garlic. I have always had this vegetable with sambal chili so I was doubtful about how it would taste when cooked like this, but surprisingly it's quite nice too and paired well with porridge. However, I wasn't able to eat too much of this because it requires biting and it's not easy to swallow the leaves.

Bf's pork intestines. Not my favorite, but not too bad.

I loveeeeeeeee fish but the ones they sell are quite expensive considering it's only teochew porridge and not zhi-char. Was quoted $32 for a pomfret fish and bf said ok but I quickly told the staff that I do not want it. Siao ah, not like the fish is very big and we can easily get a similar-sized fish elsewhere at only $18 per fish. In the end, we got ourselves this slice of fried fish off the rack at $7~ Suddenly I feel that it's not that expensive when the economical rice stall near my work place quote me $4.30 for a similar slice piece of fish. Haha.

Tau-kwa. Nice! It absorbed the taste of the sauce and soft enough. Most tau-kwa I eat outside are too hard and tasteless but this one is good.

Bf ordered tau-kee.... I ate only 1-2 piece though. When with so many other good food, of course this will be neglected.

All this for two pax. It was a very happy meal for me cos I love it when my food is yummy! Haha. It costed $40+ for this meal. I remember the last time we ate 8 dishes elsewhere, it was $28. But the forty dollars was worth every cent! Will definitely go again!

Photo of happy me before the meal. Hehe. Top from www.earthdoll.net!

Teck Teochew Porridge
128 Tembeling Road
Singapore 423638

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